Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Devoted Solstice

Dear Friends,
Devoted has been sent out to all those who have pre-ordered.
The saffron book cloth came in a week late, it seems that this book wanted to wait for the New Year to be sent.

It has surpassed our expectations.
The pictures do it some justice, but as with all books, you need to feel it in your hands.

We collected the books from the printer two days before Solstice.
On the way we stopped at a Stonehenge owned by corvids, safe behind English Heritage fences.
No pagans allowed to walk on the grass. The moorland bare. Sacred geometry now carved up by a triangle of roads.

It makes what we do with Scarlet Imprint seem all the more relevant, making books for those who are connected to the animating
spirits of magick and witchcraft. Neither gazing back at a lost megalithic past, or slackly staring at the mass-produced spectacle.
We are not interested in a magickal revival, we are creating a magickal revolution Now.

Howlings, The Red Goddess, Voudon Gnosis and now Devoted has made this quite a year.
Scarlet Imprint are not only here to stay, we are here to go.
We offer up profound gratitude to our readers for being an inspiration to us, for your support and letters.
We thank those writers who have made this past year such a whirlwind.
Libations are poured to Babalon for Love, and the Spirits of Goetia for making themselves known to us.

We are in voluntary exile in the mountains for the Winter now.
Much Work to do this year, and plans are very much in place.
Our replies to emails may be a little slower over the next two weeks with Saturnalia and limited net access.
Expect some spectacular books to be born in 2009 starting in the Spring, not Lambs but Lions.

Much Love
In Nomine Babalon
Peter and Alkistis x

Monday, 8 December 2008

Devoted new Scarlet Imprint title available to order

Dear Friends,

Scarlet Imprint are pleased to announce that our newest title Devoted is now available to pre-order.

Devoted is an octavo book of 173pp, bound in saffron book cloth, black chalice stamped and finished with night black endpapers.

It is being prepared in a strictly limited and hand-numbered edition of 814 copies.

Devoted comprises fifteen essays by fourteen writers on their devotional practice.
It is a bloody and passionate blend of primal gnosis and poetic expression.
These essays reveal and revel in powerful applicable magickal practice.
They are suffused with the living experience of the Spirit world.

A copy can be yours for thirty-one English pounds plus postage.

This title will be dispatched to you shortly before the Winter Solstice.

provides indepth essays on working with:


The Yoginis
The Lwa
The Spirits of goetia

Our writers are a chorus of powerful new voices and established practitioners whose Work has often been overlooked:

Stephen Grasso, Peter Grey, Mogg Morgan, Jake Stratton-Kent, Richard Ward, Levannah Morgan, Ruby Sara, David Blank, Mark Smith,Charlotte Rodgers, Mordant Carnival, Tony Elliott, Alkistis Dimech,George Sieg

Full biographies can be found at http://www.scarletimprint.com/devoted_biogs.htm

will enrich your own work, whether you are witch, magician, heathen, thelemite, or sorceror.
From possession work, to blood letting and fetishes, to sabbatic dance, there is a wealth of experience to explore within these pages.

In Nomine Babalon
Scarlet Imprint x

(UK orders placed before Saturday 13 should reach you in time for Xmas)

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Though we certainly don't agree with all the conclusions, this is certainly worth a slice of your time:


A compelling mix of conspiracy theory, exposure of the war on terror and 9/11 7/7, debunking of Christianity,
and savage indictment of the economic system.

Take what you will from it.

We will dynamite the black iron prison.

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Friday, 28 November 2008

Voudon Gnosis - back in stock

Dear Friends,

Our printers have just delivered the re-print of Voudon Gnosis to us.
It has been a frustrating delay for our readers and David Beth, but the wait is now over. We settle for nothing less than excellence.
We would also like to make it clear that we are using a different printer for Devoted and all future titles. But let's leave talk of that until after the weekend..

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Finally, a clear exposition of the Voudon Gnostic system of Michael Bertiaux and the work of La Couleuvre Noire.
The thriving multiverse of artistic imagination which this current represents has been explored by Kenneth Grant, but this is the first text giving the inside experience of an initiand.
A fascinating and challenging glimpse into the Voudon system, it is both a gateway for students and an inspiration for those looking for a more creative occultism.
This book is a perfect introduction to the complexities of that strangest of all modern grimoires, Bertiaux'sVoudon Gnostic Workbook.
Expanding upon the groundwork of his essay in Howlings, David Beth guides us through this eclectic, syncretic and highly personal system of sorcery which nevertheless has come from a genuine Haitian lineage.
Those looking for the wilder atavistic energies of sex magick, as we find embodied in the art of Austin Osman Spare, will find much of interest in this book. Voudon Gnosis outlines a more complex and highly developed system of sex magick than is found in the secret grade papers of the Western magickal tradition.

Voudon Gnosis covers:

Las Prise des Yeaux
Points Chauds
Spider Sorcery and Time Travelling
Elemental Sex Magick
The Grimoire Ghuedhe

With appendices on:

Nganga and the Fetish
A-Mor, an initiated analysis of Love

David Beth is the Sovereign Grand Master for the international Voudon Orders and is the Presiding Bishop of the Ecclesia Aeterna. A tireless ambassador, teacher and speaker, David is one of the key players and most charismatic characters in the modern occult revival.


Friday, 31 October 2008

Samhain - DEVOTED

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce a new title for Scarlet Imprint, Devoted.
A powerful new essay collection from some of the most striking modern practitioners of magick and witchcraft. A truly enthralling book.

Devoted will be available for subscriber pre-order late November.
This title will be released for the Winter Solstice.
First details are being sent to our subscribers this weekend.

Our best to you all, this Samhain.

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Seized by the Eyes

A new reader review of David Beth's Voudon Gnosis:

Seized by the Eyes

Kenneth Grant has described the main purpose of his books as to prepare people for encounters with unfamiliar state of consciousness. In Voudon Gnosis, David Beth describes the principles in the works of Michael Bertiaux as leading to true Gnostic Luciferean transformation. Both Grant and Bertiaux have devised highly original systems of magic which draw on the creativity of the adherent. This is not a simple structured system of rote learning, rather they both offer guides or pointers into deep and complex magical universes which the adherent must learn to develop him or herself. In Bertiaux’s system, adherents use ‘La Prise des Yeaux’, a form of occult active imagination, to explore their magical universe, often documenting it through personal art works.

Bertiaux’s writings do not outline a linear system of magic or esoteric spirituality. Rather they delve into a complex but intriguing web of magical openings which could be analogised by the system of points chaud where magical entities are impregnated in the physical body of the adherent and then activated as required to meet certain purposes. His system is catholic by nature and purpose, and much richer by reason of this. By, as David Beth describes, using a range of spiritual and esoteric systems, it opens up a broad magical universe, which then allows for the absorption of the diverse range of energies.

Bertiaux’s magnum opus, the Voudon Gnostic Workbook, is a dense, complex and voluminous compilation of papers on the magical system he has worked on and helped develop over the last number of decades. Finally back in print in an affordable paperback edition, it a dense and bulging tome of truly occult methodology and philosophy. It is a foreboding text with a seemingly multitude of ports of entry.

David Beth has chosen some of the key elements of the system and provided a lucid exegesis in a slim and attractive volume published by Scarlet Imprint. Expanding on an article originally published in the Howlings anthology, the text has been expanded on and structured in an even more user-friendly manner. There are also some extra diagrams, which help facilitate a clearer comprehension of the complex areas covered.

Armed with the insight gained through reading Voudon Gnosis, the Voudon Gnostic Workbook becomes a much less foreboding document, and the true potential and scope of its magical system becomes much more clear. While there have be other primers of sorts for other magical systems, in particular thelemic magick, I have yet to read a text which is comparable in the effect it has had in introducing the possibilities and scope of a magical system or philosophy. While this is of course a function of staggering scope of Bertiaux’s system, credit must also be due to the author, David Beth, in unveiling some of the content of this ophidian chthonic current.

In addition to an explanation of some of concepts of voudon gnosis, there are also some very useful appendices. Of particular interest in an essay on an initiated interpretation of love, AMOR, which explores the conception of esoteric love, a subject I found fascinating. There are further instructional material on the use of fetishes and time travelling, expanding on materials touched upon in the main text.

Voudon gnosis has been produced in a limited edition and will no doubt soon sell out. It must surely classify as one of the most intriguing and practical occult texts published in recent years and should be classified as essential reading for anyone with more than a passing interest in esoteric methodology.

-David Heney

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Praise for Voudon Gnosis

A few words on David Beth's Voudon Gnosis from one of our readers. Being able to untangle the Voudon universe is no mean feat. We know this is an important book, and it is a pleasure to see how it is being recieved:

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all involved at Scarlet Imprint and the work you guys do! I recently purchased a copy of ‘Voudon Gnosis’ by David Beth and was highly impressed with the service you provided and the speed as to which you replied to my emails.

After discussing the Voudon Gnostic Workbook and related topics with David Beth I already had high hopes for ‘Voudon Gnosis’ I have to say I was not disappointed! This book offers a clear and concise insight into some of the basics of the Voudon current. It is broken down into easy, understandable chapters.

It was nice to see some of this information visually backed up with diagrams. Beth also took the time to mention related currents and authors, which is useful for both reference and further studies. Appendix I: Nganga was of particular interest to me, also giving an idea as to the sorts of questions raised by other students.

The book itself is a work of art, both attractive and of high quality (many thanks to Scarlet Imprint.) The contents of the pages are expertly written and as far as I’m concerned invaluable. The artwork and photography are pleasing. I urge anyone with similar interests to read it, as I have done three times. I eagerly await further essays and publications by David Beth.

- Tripstone Fox

Despite problems with our printers, we hope to have Voudon Gnosis back in stock within a few weeks.

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Great Voudon Cocktail Massacre

The spirits were out in force at the launch of Voudon Gnosis, we thought we'd share the write up of the event from Treadwells:

The official record of the Voudon Gnosis launch party is a little stream-of-consciousness, as the recollections of magical states so often are. The bare statistics are for the record:
The Book: Voudon Gnosis.
The Author: David Beth.
The Publisher: Scarlet Imprint / Peter Grey.
The Editor: Scarlet Imprint: Alkistis Dimech.
The Launch Venue: Treadwell's Bookshop.
The Drink: Rum & Coke, courtesy of Scarlet Imprint.
The Party: 80 of the most extraordinary magical people alive today who could make their way to Covent Garden.

So that's the raw data. Then to the ineffable. What a night it was.

Arrivals from Italy, from Central Europe, hugs and kisses in four languages, bags and cases piled everywhere in the corners of Treadwell's. The generosity of the publishers with Rum & Cokes in highball glasses. A senior Thelemite waving pom-poms over the author. Smoking of cigar in a ceremonial fashion. A voudoniste bookdealer lying on the Treadwell's kitchen floor in paralytic bliss. An occultist waltzing with a magical artist in the quiet upstairs of the shopfloor. The Bulgarian sitar-player laughing with friends. The raven-tressed New York fashion model smiling shyly. Excited murmerings about upcoming Kenneth Grant lectures. London's regal Isis priestess holding court at the bar. A Hecate priestess whispering into her ear the secrets of dark goddesses. The quiet ghost-hunter nodding gently. The editor in her stunning stilettos and gracious intelligence. Spare enthusiasts flirting amongst each other. The tarot master and the flame-haired shamaness laughing to banish mundanity with the legendary Stella Damiana.

And eventually, eventually... a bedraggled and happy departure before midnight from the little golden-lit shop into the night, to the after-hours clubs. Once again, the oak-panelled confines of PJ's piano bar in Wellington Street received the rum-sodden magicians for more drinks and their occult bonhomie.

This is one to remember. Thanks for being the most remarkable people.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Voudon Gnosis Launch Party TONIGHT

Dear Friends,

We hope to see you at Treadwell's Bookshop this evening for the launch of David Beth's Voudon Gnosis.

If you are not there it should look something like this:

Please insert your own cigar.

It promises to be a giddy Ghuedhe of a night.

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Monday, 6 October 2008

Oxford International Thelemic Symposium

Dear Friends,

We have had several requests to publically post the text of the speeches made by Alkistis Dimech and Peter Grey on BABALON at the International Thelemic Symposium.

Some of the material builds upon The Red Goddess though we have more BABALON related work to publish in due course through Scarlet Imprint.

It was particularly heartening to find members of other traditions, in particular Witchcraft, being enthused by the idea of working with BABALON.

We are also delighted to say that we will be publishing essays by Jake Stratton-Kent who spoke on Goetia and the Grimorium Verum, and Charlotte Rodgers who spoke on Blood Magic, in the very near future.

Also great to have David Beth speaking on Voudon Gnosis to close the day.

We were pleased to meet more of our readers, and participate in an event with such vibrancy, vitality and promise of a new occult revival.

Here are the texts in full:

BABALON - Peter Grey

It is dark in the Ephesus cell.
Helena ties the band across her forehead.
Greek letters in the single light of a lamp.
Before she had lashed in black and draped in chains across Asia.
Stood as the moon on the roof of the brothel in Tyre.
Now dressed in cardinal red and proud purple of this bishopric she is the voices of the thunder perfect mind.
The world soul Sophia, a pythoness curled around the bread of the last supper.
I am ready for them Simon.
The voice of split tongue wisdom flickering lightning like.
The pleroma strobe lit with hissing.
This is the Goddess come to earth.


Bernice the Jewish Empress stirs in her villa on the seven heads of hills,
mouth heavy with the communion wine she shares with the conquerors.
A she-wolf giving suck to the divine twins of Jerusalem and Rome.
There is no henbane or haoma in the blood of this dead god.
But power, influence, greed.

In the Temple of Aphrodite the whores dress for war with carmine lips.
A dusk sashay to lure the converts of Jesus the hunchback Christ.
The split fig cunt song of do-what-thou-wilt-with-me.
Do you have that single coin for my lap?

Yet it is John who evokes Her.
John of Patmos.
John stranded on his miserable rock, still unable to escape the low throb in his balls.
John whose words are the bitter sponge they offered to the lips of the Saviour.
John steeped in the hatred of the Patriarchs who saw their god fail them, again and again.
The Temple smashed, the Ark lost, the lions fed.
Prochoros bends his head as John dictates and writes down the words which will poison the world.

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:
And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: And when I saw her, I wondered, with great admiration

John’s text is accepted as the final word.
The temples of Aphrodite are stripped as clean as Hypatia’s bones,
clam shell scraped by the jabbering monastics.
The whore not holy.

Simon Magus falls from the window on the orders of Paul, has his broken legged body sawn in half. The beloved assistant is not there to unite the severed parts with their guts of lolling silk scarves.
Helena is gone from the oracular Ephesus cell, fled to the walnut tree of Benevento and obscurity. Left and lost to witchcraft.

No-one pursues Babalon like the Magdalene.
Chasing the wrong chalice of mystical Christianity,
not supping from the true wound of menstrual blood.
We lost our Love Goddess to the substitutes in a switched card trick.

Instead we have the Blessed Virgin Mary a cliterodectomy sewn up with the black beard hair ofYahweh.
Never fucked but full of suffering, eyes averted lest the Savior raises a hard-on while he dies on the cross.

Bound into every Bible, John’s words.
Delivered into every hospital, John’s words.
Guilt slipped in the hotel room drawer, John’s words.
An enemy for every prisoner, John’s words.
Repression for the schoolroom, John’s words.
Hatred for Babylon, John’s words.

This is our history of THOU SHALT NOT.
These are the words that will echo out again as the world edges degree by degree into one final Apocalypse.
Are you ready for the Revelation?
The striptease of your vain grades and titles, the loss of order, sense, Will.
The burning black blood of Ereshkigal is making the world a battlefield, a bridal bed.
Our scorched Eden sees BABALON risen on the incense of petroleum and roses and filled with furious Love.

John, we turn your words against you.
Our curse comes out as the last Love song.

The four snaking swastika rivers knotted and dammed in Babylon.
What was Sumeria is looted by American troops.
The Empire never ended.
Caesar’s men now rule a wasteland of depleted uranium and ship home Arkansas boys with shrapnel for legs.
A chalice of abominations , this fertile crescent now waxed pubis bare.
The women go black -veiled not for Tammuz, but Mohammed.

It is here where the first roses bloomed.
It is here that we evoke Her again.

Our fingers scrabble in the broken bricks for the sacred texts until the evening star rises.
Inanna our lady of the great wild bridled lion.
Inanna of honeysuckle sweetness.
Inanna Goddess of Love and War.
Inanna, the Kingmaker come upon us.

Easter is the chamber at the top of the seven-step ziggurat.
Babel wreathed in lightning.
Where language is lost in the thighs of the Priestess become Goddess.
Where divine woman and divine man celebrate their Equinox.

In the bedchamber Venus rings steel sword blue, the morning star of dawn, the gate of the Sun.
But Babylon is fallen, an abode of serpents and unclean things.

The Jews bring Her back with them from captivity and have Her beaten by Jeremiah on the anvil of nationalism.

The wisdom of Solomon will not be repeated,
There will be no whoring after Goddess on the temple mount.
With every hammer strike the name changes,
Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, Ashtaroth, BABALON.
Her face is smoked shulamite dark with the burning cedars cut down from the high places.
She is blamed for the beauty of the daughters of Jerusalem,
thrown as Jezebel to the dogs,
castigated as Salome,
mistaken for the Magdalene,
muddled with the lesser lilith.
Smouldering red with iniquities and the denial of Love,
She knows Her Strength.

She is not destroyed by your history John, but brought with it.
A bloody pomegranate seed pressed in the pages which once tasted recovers the lost dream.

Augmented by the whispers of mandrake, poppy, hemlock, belladonna, hashish, wine.
The rising stench of sex and sweat and sperm and blood and always ever roses.

BABALON is conjured in a monastery nightmare of succubi and dis-embodied cocks.
An inquisitors fantasy tortured from the lips of the lost.
Torn with pincers, boot crushed and hoisted in strappado to the heavens.
This is how Witchcraft learned how to fly.

The wisdom of the Whore is the control of Her body and life.
Irregular attempts are made to break the tyranny of marriage,
To abort the bastard children of mother church.
The Queen of the Sabbat reveals a thin slit of red petticoat beneath the damnable black.

Yet the church shackles woman to misery.
Drags her down from the high places
where she is forced to buy freedom by being fucked in the alleyways.
Sacred sex profaned into possession, for an hour, or a lifetime of slavery.
A litany of rape, murder, abuse.

John Dee, bent in prayer does not hear this.
Kneeling with Kelley he seeks the language of Angels, and receives a revelation liveried green as garlic blades, white as lilies, red as blood and black as bilberry juice.
Unfolding from the showstone, an Empire of Angels that divides the globe for the red headed Harlot on the Lion throne.

Madimi moves through the library stacks.
My Mother will make her house here.

Jesus is not god, no prayer should be made unto Jesus, none shall judge you.

BABALON again from the long dark ages.
BABALON as Kelley, Dee, Jane and Joan exchange places between the sheets.
BABALON in the solve et coagule.
BABALON in the sex sphinx secret of alchemical interchange.

The retort shatters on the stand.
The four fall apart forever.

Kelley plunges from the tower, to his death.
Babel again, and Simon Magus,
a final transformation in the red mercury mess of his shattered shanks.

We pay our debts to BABALON in blood, not gold, and Her cup runneth over.

Who will heed the speech of the Daughter of Fortitude?
Her cross-crystal, golden girdle and naked breasts.

Make your houses clean, for I come unto you again.

Dee’s papers tumble from the secret chest and pass into the Golden Dawn.
Miscoloured, mispronounced, and mystified.

Only Crowley pursues Her into the Aethyr,
Spells Her like Dee, as wickedness.
Storms heaven on pearlescent cocaine wings and sexual excess,
Eats grass like an ox,
Wills, Knows, Dares, and tells.

Yet the Beast remains without a Bridal,
The cat, the snake, the camel, the monster..
Where is the Woman in this menagerie?
Incomplete, Alys kisses the back of his hand preparing for a Love he never surrenders to.
Never finds.

Where is She?

Lady Frieda Harris draws Her for us distilled from the Master’s last breaths.


An explosion of red and gold.

Parsons adores Her with pressed black powder charges.
Chanting Enochian, mescaline, amphetamine.
Here is the spirit of the Law, flowing as nectar.
Flowering with the Pasadena roses,
Spreading Her petals on the backdrop of the city of Angels.
Gone West to the new world Dee promised Her.

With huckster Hubbard, Jack strains for Love on this Battlefield Earth.
Despite the elemental mistakes he wins his vision.

Flame is our lady, flame is Her hair.
I am living Flame.

Cameron, miscast, fails to shoulder her role.

Parsons goes after the Witchcraft as a smashed flask of red mercury, as a storm of dust blown across the Mojave desert, as a crater on the darkside of the Moon.

The A-Bomb cracks the Akashic.
The fallout drifts down like sakura.
Babalon unveiled is starmarked by it.

The two thousand year Reich of Horus draws short.
Grant sees the teratomas, but there is little Love in his Craft.
Magick bickers and splits as we tilt past the tipping point.

Our Goddess is not Nuit blue emptiness, but brimful Belsen furnace red.

She tells us:

It is the woman who initiates.
It is Love which transforms.
It is blood which transmits.

Exchange your cakes with kalas cooked to cinders.
For kisses from Her living lips.
Let go of false learning.
Forsake the cult of the severed head.
For BABALON sings in your blood.

The world is drunken and vexed, running on fumes.
A price on everything, a value on nothing.

It is here BABALON, that we evoke thee.
Everything becoming red.
Enochian angels pouring warlike from the watchtowers ,
and the 24 elders of days wondering where their God has gone.

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Whore.

Here is the vision of a universe composed of burning roses,
Of everything fucking everything.

Be drunken as the reeling stars.
Adore the whore on hands and knees.
Open your beds and your hearts
Fuck and find Love.

Dakinis eviscerate the fallen Saints for their bridal wear.
The armies mass for battle and She is here.
Babalon is here to bridle, bind, blossom and burn.
Her time is NOW.

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Whore -Alkistis Dimech

But who is this whore?

Babalon, the patroness of sex workers is not just the Goddess of call girls, rent boys the dispossessed and despised.

I want to move on from this initial image of the whore as we have a tendency to get caught in Her fishnets and lipstick and go no deeper into the mystery.

We are all of Babalon. We are all Babalon.
BABALON has been archetyped, stereotyped and hyped - and still remains an enigma to us.
She does not fit neatly into Thelema. For all the voices, Hers is absent from the Book of the Law.
BABALON is entirely other than Nuit.

BABALON is our sex, our body, our world.

She vibrates with raw sexual energy.
This is what makes Her whore.
Mortgages cannot be guaranteed on this kind of Love.
This is a Love which destroys in order to create.
She has claimed whoredom as the domain of the free. Those in the know.
To maintain the status quo, our society has driven sacred respect for sex onto streetcorners, into dungeons, brothels, and kink.

BABALON controls and diverts this sexual and creative energy toward enlightenment.

Society perverts this energy to enslave us.

Even now, in England women are forced into arranged marriages,
Female circumcision is practised.
Rape and domestic violence are common.
America preaches abstinence programmes to prevent AIDS.
Abortion rights are continually under threat.
Islam places its women in slavery.

I hear few complaints about ID cards, a country bristling with cctv cameras, the slavery of a nine to six day propped up on designer coffee and paid for by the starvation wages of the developing world.

Perhaps this is the isolation of I-pod and an always on mobile phone, shivering our reality into sound-bite snippets of gossip.

In the modern retelling of the Tower of Babel myth we are reduced to the paucity of text message speak and emoticons. AC 93s LOL

Do you spend more time online than in meditation?

Is Babalon a photoshop collage rather than embedded in your living flesh?

To Work with Babalon is to have these superficial veils rent.

The eye of the screen is replaced by the passionate presence of the beloved.

Control of people through their sexuality goes hand in hand with exploitation of the world,
and BABALON is the world, is matter.

We are still deluded by the Christian lie that everything is God given for us to use and abuse, and the planet is ravaged.

Our resources are war spoiled, plundered by the greed of industrialisation,
Peoples, languages, flora and fauna are being lost.
But if Amazon one-click ordering still works we have that next book to look forward to. Tomorrow always comes.

We are left with the same bland products and told that consumption is freedom.

Biodiversity is undergoing a genocide to support a society, drunk on oil.

Babalon delights in multiplicity, but this is a diminishing.

John Dee felt that the book of nature was corrupting in his fingers.
That there was an acceleration towards a reckoning, a revelation, the second coming of Christ.
This is what the angels told him, make your houses clean.
The signs were written in the skies, a grand conjunction, a comet, a new star.
And here we are 418 years later. The warnings unheeded.

The signs we have now are more than warnings.
As we map the human genome the world is disappearing under water, fire, famine.
The elements are out of control.

Can you be sure how long we have left?

We have been criticised for suggesting these are apocalyptic times.
Some seem to think that by clicking our heels three times and saying the word of the Aeon of Horus everything will conform to the Thelemic paradigm.
Neither Aleister nor Aiwass predicted global environmental collapse, so perhaps we can ignore these facts:

1 in 4 mammals is threatened with extinction
1 in 8 birds
1 in 3 amphibians
Three quarters of the world’s fish stocks are at risk.

The extinction rate is from 100 to 1000 times higher than at any time in our fossil records.

Our oceans are dying.
Our forests are clear cut.
Our air is poisoned.

Even if we see this as a natural cycle, the planet simply cannot support the burgeoning populations of the developing world and the inflated supersized lifestyles of the developed.

Natural catastrophes, disease and resistance to drugs, artfully constructed wars to support stuttering economies. The world stage has never been so slick, with images, with oil, with blood.

The cup is filling, in torn arterial torrents.

My concern as a Thelemite is we are still reading from Crowley’s dated scripts.
The mass and rituals degenerating into panto with costume and cake.
We must pursue and encourage new work, new voices.
We must allow ourselves to hear new revelations, the voices speaking to us now.

Stop reading from scripts and stray into heresy.
The world is drastically different from when Thelema arose, and we have right-royally fucked up the royal road. There is more to learn by straying, doing what thou wilt requires killing the Buddha, Lao Tzu , Edward Kelley and of course Sir Aleister Crowley. Once you’ve mastered the master, become a god. She is waiting for you.

Dee’s green woman has told us, ‘Nature is preparing for a world without humans’.
BABALON is here at our moment of crisis.
Not another fuck fantasy imploring us towards the divine feminine and the rehabilitation of our divided selves. For Love’s sake She has come to fuck us up,
to shift our awareness,
to transform us radically in an earth from which we have wrenched our own roots and landfilled to oblivion.

We have to Work with BABALON.
But it is not for the magician to lie back and be straddled because his dexterity is mental rather than physical.
To meet Babalon on the battlefield or in the bedroom you need conditioning.
It is not enough for the Priestess to slip on a red dress and then put it back in the wardrobe at the rituals end.
How can one even face Her without having worked and sweated and pushed into one’s limits,
let alone expect a kiss from those sweet lips?
She is ever present—now beyond our boundaries, our confines, our thoughts.
She can be held, She is real.
When we exceed ourselves we know that.
And feel Her.
Only when you let yourself fall, going beyond mental, emotional, and physical limits.
Draw your circle with your hips, find Her in ecstacy.

It is not simply an anecdote that Crowley was a mountaineer.
The energy body arises from the physical.
Spirit and matter intertwined.

We are in the world, and in our bodies. Adding and subtracting is not the way to work it out.
Put down your Abracadabacus, IT is in the body.
The missing piece in this burning ground, this Eden, is Love.
I suggest you prepare yourselves.

BABALON is here.

If you want more, we would gently point you to www.scarletimprint.com and Peter Grey's The Red Goddess.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Voudon Gnosis NEW TITLE

Voudon Gnosis is now available to purchase through the website and we are making the public press release available.
If you are a member of a forum, online group, have a blog, or are a webmaster please post this for us.

Links to our sleek redesigned website www.scarletimprint.com are also much appreciated.

We are continually taken aback by the support of you, our readers. Our kind thanks.

Much Love,

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

There will be another title from us before the Winter Solstice, and an announcement on that will follow in November.

VOUDON GNOSIS by David Beth, a new title from Scarlet Imprint
Public Press Release

Voudon Gnosis
by David Beth
Foreword by Michael Staley

Finally, a clear exposition of the Voudon Gnostic system of Michael Bertiaux and the work of La Couleuvre Noire.
The thriving multiverse of artistic imagination which this current represents has been explored by Kenneth Grant, but this is the first text giving the inside experience of an initiand.
A fascinating and challenging glimpse into the Voudon system, it is both a gateway for students and an inspiration for those looking for a more creative occultism.
David Beth draws on his Kosmic Gnosis to create a text which both stands alone, and serves as a perfect introduction to the complexities of that strangest of all modern grimoires, Bertiaux'sVoudon Gnostic Workbook.

Voudon Gnosis is an elegant octavo book of 108pp, with three tipped in colour plates of original artwork.
The standard edition is stealthily bound in black cloth, with black endpapers, and blind embossed with an ophidian design.
This is in keeping with the cultus of La Coulevre Noire.
It is being prepared in a strictly limited and hand-numbered edition of five hundred and fifty-five copies.

A copy can be yours for twenty-five English pounds plus postage.

The deluxe edition of fifty five copies of Voudon Gnosis are quarter bound in black snake skin and finished in a stygian black paper which is debossed with an ophidian design. The endpapers are hand marbled and swirled. The foredge stained black. All copies of the deluxe are personally signed and sigilised by David Beth. SOLD OUT

Expanding upon the groundwork of his essay in Scarlet Imprint's Howlings, David Beth guides us through this eclectic, syncretic and highly personal system of sorcery which nevertheless has come from a genuine Haitian lineage.
Those looking for the wilder atavistic energies of sex magick, as we find embodied in the art of Austin Osman Spare, will find much of interest in this book. Voudon Gnosis outlines a more complex and highly developed system of sex magick than is found in the secret grade papers of the Western magickal tradition.
This slim volume is densely packed with information and suggestions which will augment your practice,
regardless of your tradition.

Voudon Gnosis covers:

Las Prise des Yeaux
Points Chauds
Spider Sorcery and Time Travelling
Elemental Sex Magick
The Grimoire Ghuedhe

With appendices on:

Nganga and the Fetish
A-Mor, an initiated analysis of Love

David Beth is the Sovereign Grand Master for the international Voudon Orders and is the Presiding Bishop of the Ecclesia Aeterna. A tireless ambassador, teacher and speaker, David is one of the key players and charismatic characters in the modern occult revival.

Full information on this title can be found here: http://www.scarletimprint.com

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Dear Friends,

Perhaps you are here because you have discovered the sleek redesign of the www.scarletimprint.com website we have completed in preparation for the public release of Voudon Gnosis on October 1.
Do let your voyeuristic tendencies draw you to our new abode.

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Monday, 8 September 2008

Red Devotee?

Dear Friends,

One of our 49 devotee copy owners has set up a yahoo group, as he is interested in corresponding with others who are fortunate enough to own one.
If you would be interested in joining it can be found here:

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Monday, 25 August 2008

Sex in the City: Mandrake Speaks review of The Red Goddess

An excellent review of the Red Goddess has just appeared in Mandrake Speaks, the Mandrake Press of Oxford newsletter. An indepth look at the text by the highly regarded Mogg Morgan:

The Red Goddess by Peter Grey (review)258pp, Hardback 2008 £37 + p&p
This is a beautiful, provocative, thought-provoking book, one man’s journey in search of the obscure object of his desire – full of odd typography, robust, sometimes rough language and a £37 price tag.
Using the latest research from books such as "Strange Angel" , "Love and Rockets" and "The Unknown God" the author blends his own narrative around that which he sees as the three pillars of the Babalonian mythos – Enochian Magick, Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons. Thus one reads: "Eunuchs have been used traditionally to serve the Goddess, often as sodomitic dog priests. That name is not a slur but most likely comes from their dog position sex. These were important priests who served the ancient Love Goddess by sacrificing their reproductive power. They are no longer men. They cannot penetrate the mystery. I will not advocate the joys of self castration or the smooth root of the Skopsie, but it is certainly one way to serve Our Lady. I prefer Magick with the balls to push shaft deep into the crimson petals of the Goddess."
Babalon is modern goddess, one of the most recent to emerge from the cauldron of serendipity. Even so, some, Peter Grey amongst them, would claim she has antique roots. She remerged in the modern world via the writings of Aleister Crowley, who is also responsible for renovating the old English spelling as Babalon, which has a significant numerology of 156 as opposed to 165. For Babylon, is an ancient Mesopotamian city, the BĂȘte Noire of the ancient Hebrews, and therefore a natural cipher for corruption and hubris in the strange apocalyptic end game of the Biblical New Testament. I’m talking of the Book of Revelation, a book that exerted a powerful influence on Crowley’s imagination and one way or another figured large in his new Thelemic mythos.The Book of Revelation is widely believed to contain much hidden and indeed Kabbalistic symbolism, So no surprise that the "anti-gods" of that book turn out to be, according to Thelemites, the true corrective of the modern age.
The goddesses of ancient Babylon were Innana, Ishtar and Astarte. These are "Red Goddesses" in more ways than one – and possible role models for the modern woman who is powerful, self sufficient and above all sexual. Whether modern "scarlet woman" is, as Herodotus suggested, willing to give herself to any man for any small coin, seems unlikely these days somehow. So in as much as the author of Revelation was saying that it’s the goddesses that really bring society down, Crowley and the Thelemites say the opposite.Few would argue that Peter’s Red Goddess is a Mesopotamian creation. Most of us accept Mesopotamia, as the "cradle of civilization" and the dispersal hub for many important things, writing, astrology, technology, religion, etc etc.
I must admit my own dealings with "The Red Goddess" are in her Egyptian territory (see "The Bull of Ombos") Peter devotes a short chapter to the exploration of her possible Egyptian roots, although this is maybe a clear example of where the works of the Victorian Egyptophile Gerald Massey provide an inadequate guide to the material.AFAIK, Egypt, did indeed benefit from early contacts with Mesopotamia before the rise of the Pharaohs (i.e. 4000BCE) but its main development was independent. So for example although writing may have been invented in Mesopotamia, it was also invented quite independently in Egypt, presumably for the same imperative. The earliest reference in Egypt to the Semitic goddesses Astarte and Anat belongs to the reign of Thutmoses c1500bce, both love goddesses were married to ultimate "Red Bull" Seth. But my Egyptian "Red Goddess" has to be Hathor, a goddess as old as time, goddess of the cattle cult (hence the horns) she is indeed sensual, sexual and intoxicated. (See "Hathor’s Secrets") When old man Ra is down in the dumps she lifts her skirts and gives him a laugh.Having said something of the mythology of Innana et al, Peter soon leaves behind the ancient world. I definitely wanted more info on Mesopotamian religion, as his analysis is consistently interesting and engaging.
He then follows the tracks of the Belle Dame Sans Merci, through the writings of her numerous modern devotees, including John Dee, Marquis de Sade, Jack Parsons and indeed many a modern mage, including his own dealing with she who must be obeyed, which brings to mind the lines of the song "my knuckles are bleeding and my knees are raw". This reworking of the Crowleyian material on the nature of the scarlet women, is seen largely through his poetry and forms "The Red Goddess’ " vibrant core.Peter has no time for the post modern obsession with transgender and reclaiming the "blossoms of bone". "Eunuchs" he tells us, "cannot penetrate the mystery." But there again for me, Babalon might be like "post porn modernist" Annie Sprinkle –the love of whose life is famously the tortured Les, a female to male transsexual.
So all in all an interesting and provocative monograph; worthy I would think of some wider circulation. It might be that this first edition which is perhaps aimed at the "collector" for whom "the medium is the message." Its white wibeline cover with red embossing is very striking; there are tipped in illustrations, one in colour. And indeed interior text is black and occasional red. Even so I’d be happy to read it in a standard hardback "Starfire" mode or even a good trade paperback. But whatever way you read it, it’s definitely worth a spin. [Mogg]


Friday, 8 August 2008

Red Goddess Devotee Edition

The 49 Devotee Editions of The Red Goddess arrived yesterday from the binders.
She is looking beautiful in red silk and black morrocan goat with gilt edging and handmade marble end papers.

For those too delicate to have developed a taste for hardcore booknography we suggest you look away now.

There are still a few copies available of the Devotee edition, full details and more pictures at www.scarletimprint.com

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Monday, 28 July 2008

Scarlet Imprint new title preview: Voudon Gnosis

Dear Friends,

Just a brief announcement.
We are preparing a new title for publication in October.

Voudon Gnosis by David Beth.

For those interested in the Voudon Gnostic Workbook and the world of Michael Bertiaux's esoteric voudon, this will prove to be an invaluable guide.

Those wanting all the booknographic details of the publication will have to wait a little while.
Pre-orders will be opening in mid september for our subscriber list.

If you want to get a sense for the text, fuller details can now be found on the scarletimprint.com website.

We can tantalisingly promise that there will be other titles before the end of the year.

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Sunday, 20 July 2008

More Babalon, a fresh reader review of The Red Goddess

Our google alert brought up another reader review, we thought we'd share with you, the word is spreading:

Book Review

The Red Goddess
By Peter Grey
Scarlet Imprint,
Summer Solstice 2008 edition

I enjoy the mythos of BABALON. There is something about powerful and sexual female energies that sits right with me (having worked in the past with Lilith and Morrigan, whom I still work with). But BABALON is the best aspects of both in a single entity.

So when I heard about this book, I insisted on buying it. Although the first time I heard about it, the first 2007 print run had been done (156 copies) and was sold out in quick time. And then I found a 2008 run being done, 777 copies (I got #63) with 49 hand bound leather editions being made. I bought both (still waiting for the hand bound edition to be finished and then arrive, it will be a few months).

This book is very hard to describe in words in a coherent manner. It is a wondrous mix of history, and gnostic speculation on the behalf of the author, Peter Grey.

He starts with the history of Babalon and her appearance in The Book of Revelations and why she is essentially feared by the Phallo-jealous monotheists. She empowers the freedom of enjoyment, pleasure and powerful-dangerous womanhood.

To quote two small paragraphs:

We are watchers of the dance of veils as Salome, Mary Magdalene, Isis and Astarte display the shrine of the mystery to our hungry eyes. She is a pole dancer, a dollar whore, a catwalk advert for impossibly red lipstick, a beautiful young girl. Your first love.
She is the Sophia of the Gnostics, a Black Madonna, a heroine of the heretic heart.

Both Aleister Crowley and Jack Parson's get a good lot of mention throughout the book, although in itself, it is not a Thelemic portrayed idea within the pages. Infact Grey spends a small amount of time politely attacking Crowley as a person and his documented behaviour towards women, whilst praising his spiritual practices and the path the To Mega Therion paved for the rest of us. In my reading, Grey's approach to Crowley didn't sit badly, although it may annoy or upset Othodox Thelemites partially.

The second third of the book, where the references to the O.T.O and Thelema exist the most follows on the history of Babalon to historical manifestations of her and her worship. Jesus is mentioned, along with Simon Magnus, Jack Parsons and other quite interestingly Iohn Dee, alongside his Enochian discoveries.

The third and final part explores the means to worship and bring Babalon into your life, through ritual practices, ingesting sacraments, sexual acts, bondage, chemicals and even as simple as inhaling the scent of a Damascus rose. But, as warned by the author, bringing Babalon into your life may leave scars, as she is a Goddess of both Love, Lust and War.

And last and not least, before words fail me entirely, the visual presentation of this book is breathtaking. White cover, with the BABALON lamen / sigil pressed into it in red, the bookends in a deep scarlet red, lovely thick stock paper, with smatterings of red text sprinkled throughout. And four gloss plates, illustrating Babalon herself in various forms. The Thoth Lust card by Lady Frieda Harris being the last plate.

I won't recommend everyone buys this, it may not be for them, but at least taste from its pages and get a feel for the Holy Whore, the Scarlet Woman that Rides the Seven Headed Beast.

The original posting can be viewed here: Nimheil@Kreigspace

Thursday, 17 July 2008

BABALON in Oxford

Dear Friends.

Peter has been confirmed as opening the Thelemic Symposium in Oxford with an evocative piece on Babalon.
This will be a thirty minute prose reading, following similar lines to The Red Goddess but with some new material.
We are delighted to be speaking at this event and being given the opportunity to do this.

The Symposium is on October 4 running from midday to one in the morning.
As Peter is on first, you'll need to be there on time to catch his speech.
Full details of other speakers and how to buy tickets can be found here:


There are only 120 tickets, so we would suggest that if you are interested you buy soon to avoid disappointment.

The Thelemic symposium is not linked to one particular form of OTO or orthodoxy.
This is something which we applaud, standing as we do deliberately outside of the politics that rather dominate the scene.
There are a wide range of speakers from David Beth of the OTOA /LCN to Mike Magee of AMOOKOS.
It is an event we fully endorse.

We hope that the event inspires others, it would be wonderful to see individuals deciding to organise and invite speakers to Scotland, the North of England, Wales, Ireland, and Europe.
The revival stands and falls on the ability of individuals to take action, organise and make it happen, much like magick.

We hope to see some of you there.

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Monday, 14 July 2008

Parsons and the Witchcraft

Dear Friends,

ScarletImprint are deep in the French Alps under a world of thunderstorms and high peaks and writing, writing, writing.

There are six books in progress. We have our Work cut out.

Peter Grey has an extensive essay on Parsons and the Witchcraft published in The Oracle magazine. This is an entirely new piece of writing, which we will publish ourselves in due course.
The Oracle is the only serious occult publication being produced with any frequency in the UK.
The website can be found here: www.oracleoccult.com
Copies can be bought in all UK Occult bookshops or obtained by emailing the editor (address is on the website).
The Oracle is the result of the tireless work of David Blank, one of the unsung heroes of the current revival. David is a true gentleman, modest and intensely dedicated to his work, a highly personal practice of sorcery. ScarletImprint hope to be publishing a piece from him later this year to bring much needed attention to his path.

The Red Goddess is continuing to make an impact, garnering lovely reviews and a steady stream of emails and orders.

We will be emailing our subscribers soon with details of our next confirmed publication, watch your inbox.

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Blood on the Sheets

Dear Friends,

The first public responses to The Red Goddess are being posted online, and we are thrilled with the reaction, as well as the emails sent to us.

Wanted to share this latest one from Lashtal forums with you all:

I got my copy of The Red Goddess a few days ago and I've done little more than read it since it arrived. It's a gorgeous book. It was expensive (at US$93 incl shipping), but 3/4 of the way through it, I can tell you: Man is it worth every penny! This is a serious piece of business. I'm not a Thelemite, nor a card-carry member of any tradition, but I am a practicing Tantrist and have studied and used various Western and Eastern practices for most of my life. I've never NOT been a devotee of The Goddess. With that as background, I count this as one of the best books I've ever read in the field. Peter Grey is a phenomenal writer. He's obviously well-researched, well-read, and well-practiced, but there's a relaxed, cocky, almost punk-rock style to his prose. There's real heart, gut, and immediacy here, and a kind of intoxicated lyricism -- it's gonzo occultism! But that's all balanced with sound scholarship, big ideas, and a palpable devotion to the subject matter. This is a man who LOVES his Holy Whore. As to do I. I'm so thrilled to be able to add this book as a tool in my devotion.

I can't recommend this book highly enough. I can only hope that after he's exhausted the 777 copies in this edition, he puts out a cheaper general market version. This is few nights in bed with the Goddess (I've been up till dawn the last two nights reading it) that everyone working with Her (or those just interested in knowing what the attraction is) should experience.

On a more tiresome note, the first overpriced copy has sneaked onto ebay.
This is a contraversial book and will scald a few readers into selling it on, that is also a sign of success, the books will all find their rightful owners. We still have plenty of stock left though, and without a marked up price. Again, thanks to our friends who draw our attention to these online listings. We are vigilant.

All our best,

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Friday, 13 June 2008

Scarlet Imprint announce: The Red Goddess Solstice Edition

Dear Friends,

Scarlet Imprint are delighted to announce the publication of: The Red Goddess for midday Summer Solstice June 21.

This title is now available for you to order.

The Red Goddess is an octavo book of 260pp, printed throughout in red and black ink, and with four luscious plates.
The standard edition is strikingly bound in white book cloth, scarlet endpapers, and embossed with the seven pointed star of BABALON. Each and every book is perfumed and consecrated.

It is being prepared in a strictly limited and hand-numbered edition of seven hundred and seventy-seven copies.
A copy can be yours for thirty-seven English pounds plus postage.

In addition, 49 devotee copies of The Red Goddess are being quarter bound in black moroccan goat and finished in scarlet silk with hand marbled endpapers. These fine books will be bound by Brian Settle. Each one a work of art and rare beauty in a world of mass production. We will only sell these direct to individuals who contact us and explain why they wish to own a copy, a necessary step given the speculators who seek to profit from our work.
These are magickal books, for a magickal purpose, and that is their value.
We do accept installments, as we want our books to reach the right people.

The devotee copies will each cost an hundred and fifty six English pounds plus secure delivery.

The Red Goddess is an ecstatic journey through the unheard history of BABALON, from Revelations back through the Ishtar Gate and forward into a living modern magickal current.
This is an explicit and challenging vision of a very modern Goddess coming into power. This is more than a history, it is a passionate account of living magick and the transcendent power of Love.

The epic sweep of the text takes us from Babylon to Jerusalem to Rome, and onwards to Apocalypse.
It looks at the angelic work of renaissance mage John Dee.
It lays bare the excesses of Aleister Crowley, and unlocks the secrets of Waratah Blossoms.
It explains the immolation of the Californian antichrist-superstar Jack Parsons and his relationship with Scientology founder L.Ron Hubbard.

This is the missing history of the Holy Whore.

Thirteen essays conclude the book on subjects including: roses, mirror magick, BDSM, aphrodisiac drugs, the information age, love vs lust, and the meaning of apocalypse.

Intelligent and balanced reviews for the previous edition from both readers and people of standing in the occult community can be found at www.scarletimprint.com

Those working with Ishtar, Inanna, Lilith, Kali, Sekhmet, Bast, Freya, Pomba Gira, Erzulie, witchcraft, Tantra, sacred sex and ritual transgression will find much here to intrigue, inspire and challenge them.

The Red Goddess is suitable for anyone with blood in their veins, regardless of tradition, background or experience.

It is a Love story.

To secure your copy please credit our paypal account for £37 plus postage scarletimprint@gmail.com

Postage rates are:
UK First Class £4
Europe £6
Worldwide £10

If you do not have a paypal account and wish to pay by cheque (uk residents only), please email us and we will forward you our postal address.
If you need our IBAN and SWIFT numbers for an international bank transfer again, email us and we will provide you with them.

Full details can be found at www.scarletimprint.com

This is an important book for these times.

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

This release is public, please feel free to post on any communities or to personal contacts, we very much appreciate your support.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Flirtatious first glimpse

With subscriber pre-order for the Solstice edition of The Red Goddess underway, we can give you our first glimpse of the new octavo standard edition, the only thing you can't glean from the pictures is the beautiful red and black ink printing throughout..

Full size images and information on the champagne launch party can be found at www.scarletimprint.com

Exciting times.

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Better Late than Never, HOWLINGS reviews

Dear Friends,

Better late than never we've received a review for Howlings in Mandrake Speaks.
It focuses on the Liber 231 elements but is worth a quick look.
It can be found here
We have also been reviewed in The Cauldron though all they managed was to say that the book is 'recommended'.
The run is entirely sold out and has been loved by our readers as well.
If you have feedback, do email us.

If you haven't been to the website in a while you'll see that we've done a little more work on it.

The re-issue of The Red Goddess has been obsessing us.
We have seen the plate proofs and they look incredible.
Subscribers can expect an email from us on June 1 with information on pre-order.

All our best,

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Glass Coffins

Dear Friends

One of the hazards of producing Talismanic books is the speculator.
We do everything within our power to prevent our books being bought, hoarded and then re-sold still un-opened.
On the rare occasions that this happens we blacklist the seller and do not sell them any further titles.

Scarlet Imprint produces texts with a deliberate magickal purpose.
We intend to create change. Our blood is in these books.

The internet means that we can tell who is speculating, and receive kind emails from our readers to let us know when it occurs.
To see still sealed copies on ebay is extremely frustrating to us.
We want our books to be loved, but most crucially read and Worked with.
This is happening.

Magick is not the preserve of the collector or the speculator. Perhaps if they loosed the ribbons and read the last chapter of The Red Goddess they might begin to understand this.

Magick defends itself.

All our Love,

In Nomine Babalon,

Scarlet Imprint x

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Scarlet Imprint NEWS

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce that in less than a month from release, every copy of HOWLINGS has been sold. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to the writers who contributed to the collection, and the Spirits which inspired the book itself.

If you have missed out on HOWLINGS you may find a copy left in Atlantis, Treadwell's or Labyrinth Books in the UK, or Ravenoir books and Night of Pan in the United States.

Scarlet Imprint are dedicated to the magickal revival, working with the next generation of writers who are engaged in passionate creative Work. These are exciting times, and we have more titles in preparation. Those of you fortunate enough to make the launch party at Treadwell's Bookshop in London will have had the opportunity to feel the excitement and energy which is building around our books.

We have received some beautiful emails from our readers, who we are pleased to find engaging with Scarlet Imprint, we offer you our heartfelt thanks.

If you have any reactions to the book, suggestions or comments for our writers, then please do email us.

Finally we can confirm that The Red Goddess will be released in a limited edition of 777 copies on the Summer Solstice 2008.
She is looking absolutely stunning.
If you are in London on that date, you may wish to keep your diary free.
There will also be a rather special version only available to subscribers, to join our list please email us at scarletimprint@gmail.com
We will be sending full details out to our subscribers by email closer to the time.

We are putting everything on red.

In Nomine Babalon

Peter Grey
Alkistis Dimech


Thursday, 27 March 2008

Launch Party for HOWLINGS Treadwells London RSVP

04 April 2008 (Friday)
Book Launch: Howlings
For the celebrated grimoire essay collection
Hosted by Scarlet Imprint
Free, but advance booking required to be added to the guest list
7.00 pm onward

Please reserve your place by mailing Treadwells on info@treadwells-london.com or calling them on 020 7240 8906

Scarlet Imprint cordially invite you to the join in the celebratory party launching their new book, which follows on the heels of their rampant success, The Red Goddess.
Howlings is a collection of 14 original and extensive essays exploring grimoires, written from a variety of perspectives, but all are passionate and informed by firsthand knowledge of contemporary magical practice.
Contributors: David Rankine, Donald Tyson, Peter Grey, David Beth, Stafford Stone, Paul Hughes-Barlow, Krzysztof Azarewicz, Jack Macbeth, Thea Faye, Aleq Grai, Zaheer Gulamhusein, and the anonymous author of The Grimoire of Pharaon. They draw inspiration from, and explore their reactions to, such works as The Picatrix; The Goetia or Lesser Key of Solomon; Four Books of Occult Philosophy; The Voudon Gnostic Workbook; Liber 231; Andrew Chumbley’s Qutub; And the grimoire itself. Editor: Alkistis Dimech. The volume itself is 8vo, 4 colour plates, bound in peacock blue and gilt-stamped cloth. It has been called 'strikingly handsome' and we are inclined to agree. £33.00 A strictly limited first edition of 333 copies.

Eight of our writers will be attending the launch, this will be an unmissable opportunity to meet them and have your copy signed.

We look forward to seeing you there.

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Thursday, 13 March 2008

HOWLINGS is here

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce the birth of HOWLINGS on March 13 2008.

A strictly limited first edition of 333 copies.

Our subscribers who have pre-ordered will have their books sent to them in the next two days.

It is now available to buy. Full information is here

HOWLINGS is an octavo book of two hundred and ten pages, four sumptuous colour plates, handsomely designed and bound in peacock blue and gilt stamped cloth. Our printing house have described it as 'strikingly handsome' and we are inclined to agree.

Images can be seen here

Biographies of our writers can be found here

If you have not ordered yet, a copy can be yours for the princely sum of thirty-three English pounds plus postage.

To order please make payment via paypal of £33 plus postage to scarletimprint@gmail.com

Postage rates are:
UK First Class £3.50
Europe £5
Worldwide £9

If you do not have a paypal account and wish to pay by cheque (uk residents only), please email us and we will forward you our postal address.

If you need our IBAN and SWIFT numbers for an international bank transfer again, email us and we will provide you with them.

In Nomine Babalon

Alkistis Dimech x


Wednesday, 27 February 2008

HOWLINGS - forthcoming title from Scarlet Imprint

Dear Friends,

Scarlet Imprint
is proud to announce HOWLINGS a bestiary of essays on Grimoire Magick to be published in early March 2008.

Taking the established experts and ranging them alongside raw and hungry voices, we are creating a quite beautiful monstrosity of staggering scope.

Prepare to be delighted, inspired and intoxicated.

Contributors include experts in their fields, the authors of acclaimed modern grimoires and sundry sulphurous others.

Scarlet Imprint are in a unique position to gather together these voices, and let them be heard.

Texts examined in depth through eighteen original essays include:


Liber 231

The Goetia

The Picatrix

The Voudon Gnostic Workbook

The Grimoire itself

The writers who have signed up to this pact are:

David Rankine
Donald Tyson
Peter Grey
David Beth
Stafford Stone
Paul Hughes-Barlow
Krzysztof Azarewicz
Jack Macbeth
Thea Faye
Aleq Grai
Zaheer Gulamhusein
and the anonymous author of The Grimoire of Pharaon

Anyone intrigued by the idea of the grimoire tradition will have their personal understanding and Work enriched by this collection.

We are accepting pre-orders NOW as the smoke thickens in the triangle.

If you have not already joined our mailing list simply send us an email with the subject line ‘subscribe’ to scarletimprint@gmail.com

This will be a suitably delectable hardback in a limited and numbered edition.

It promises to be a truly magickal book.

In Nomine Babalon

Alkistis Dimech x