Monday, 9 March 2009

Call for Submissions

Scarlet Imprint are fielding submissions for a revolutionary new collection of poetry from the global pagan, occult and magical communities.
This new anthology will combine a sampling of the best poetic work available from contemporary practitioners with additional essays about the practice of poetry as occult art form, poetic spiritual devotion, and the artistic culture of magic.

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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Viva La Revolution

At Scarlet Imprint we will settle for nothing less than an occult revolution.
To this end we are backing two serious festivals in London this Summer.
Both the reborn Occulture Festival and the newly risen Equinox Festival.
We are putting our money, our time, our effort and energy into creating a thriving esoteric community.
Rather than existing in an empty online environment,this offers the opportunity for real contact and cross-pollination of ideas between those who dare.

Peter Grey and Alkistis Dimech will be speaking at Occulture on May 23, along with Jake Stratton-Kent.
We will also be hosting a late launch party for the True Grimoire on the eve of Occulture, May 22 at the thriving Treadwells' bookshop, which is the heart of the magickal revival in London.
Tickets for Occulture can be bought here

David Beth will be appearing at the Equinox-Festival, to talk on Voudon Gnosis. We will also be there to sell books and talk with our readers. The three day festival is a brave and bold move, which we applaud and are proud to support. A really inspiring line-up of international experimental occult artists, performers and speakers.
The Equinox website can be found here

We urge you to consider attending both of these festivals.
They have much to recommend them, presenting as they do, a creative fusion of art, music and magick.

Viva La Revolution x