Saturday, 18 April 2009

Delayed Books?

Just a quick note.

We've been experiencing some postal delays with The True Grimoire.
Having come down from the mountains we sent them from the nearest large post office in France.They very helpfully (we thought) sent them out labelled as livres/brochures.

However, they neglected to mention that this can take up to three weeks.
This is not the case in England, where books sent as printed papers take exactly the same time to ship. So, if you are worrying about your precious orders, they are on the way!

Our apologies for the delay.

All books sent out from Friday will be sent from England.

Again, thanks for your understanding with this.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Scarlet Imprint NEW TITLE The Encyclopedia Goetica Volume 1: The True Grimoire

The Encyclopaedia Goetica
Volume 1: The True Grimoire

grimorium verum pages

The True Grimoire
by Jake Stratton-Kent

In stock now for immediate dispatch

The True Grimoire is a substantial octavo book of 280pp.
The text is profusely illustrated with characters, sigils, magic squares, and pontos riscados.
It is bound in verdant green book cloth, bloody endpapers and stamped with a rubeus memento mori.

This is a volume with presence, as befits one housing so many spirits.

It is being prepared in a strictly limited and hand-numbered edition of a thousand copies.

A copy of the Death's Head edition can be yours for thirty-five English pounds plus postage.

The True Grimoire is a major contribution to the practice and study of Goetic magic.
The neglected Grimorium Verum has been
restored to it's rightful place as a potent and coherent system of Goetic magic.

Jake Stratton-Kent has reconstructed a working version from the corrupted Italian and French versions of this important grimoire. As a practicing Necromancer with 37 years of experience his Verum is a clear exposition of how to contact and build a relationship with the spirits.

The True Grimoire springs from the source of Goetic magic, enabling us to unlock the secrets of the other grimoires. We are given insights into the Dragon Rouge, Key of Solomon, Lemegeton, Abramelin, Honorius and the Black Pullet. This is a treasure trove for the student of magic.

The True Grimoire lets us experience a grimoire tradition with links back to the Graeco-Egyptian Magical Papyri and the necromancy of the original Goes. It also places Verum within a living tradtion, one which has taken root in the New World, finding expression in Quimbanda and the Legion of Exus, the 'People of the Cemetery' who have clear Verum equivalents.

This is a constistently illuminating text. The copious notes of a working magician, combined with a scholarly attention to detail, enable us to use this text for it's original purpose. The hierarchy of Verum and Goetic spirits is restored, the nature of Astaroth is definitively set down. The planetary hours are explained, as are all the ritual requirements and preparations.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Turning America Red

are delighted to announce that we will be coming to America for the first Esoteric Book Conference. The event will be held in Seattle on September 19-20 2009.

The Esoteric Book Conference is being organised by William Kiesel of the respected Ouroborus Press and promises to be an orgy of antiquarian and occult books, along with speakers and presentations from notable authors and publishers.

We would highly recommend this event to our American readers as this has the potential to become an annual fixture and a focus for the occult community in the States.

We look forward to meeting many of you in Seattle.

Peter Grey and Alkistis Dimech will be speaking at the event on their work with Babalon and the Beast. This will be a further expansion on the material which will be first presented at the Occulture Festival in London, and is part of a radical new text in preparation, continuing the trajectory which began with The Red Goddess.

The Esoteric Book Conference have a blog live here with more information