Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Occult Conference

The Occult Conference January 9 2010 Glastonbury England

Glastonbury is the heart of the English Grail mystery. A collision of pagan sacred landscape with Christian heresy underwritten with richly veined energy lines. A result of this undeniable energy is that it has drawn in all the lost souls, bliss seekers and fuzzy minded. This has made magicians unwilling pilgrims.

Yet Glastonbury has an enduring magical history, one that predates the crop circle hoaxers and the black ops aliens.
It is here in the ruins of the Abbey that Edward Kelley found the book of St Dunstan and the red powder, the philosopher's stone which turns base matter into gold. Perhaps John Dee also found a Zodiac laid out in the hills, but the evidence for that has been spirited off. The Chalice Well still runs with blood at the base of the Tor. St Michael's dominating phallic tower remains an important point of power. These places can be deeply resonant for those engaged in active magical work.

Fittingly in the darker part of the year, when the town is not overrun with tourists, there will be an Occult Conference.
This is very much a grassroots event run on enthusiam. A sign that people are doing rather than talking, that there is life outside of London. It is time that Glastonbury was taken back by magicians. We support this action to the hilt, and hope that events of this kind will inspire others, both in England and abroad.

Peter Grey and Alkistis Dimech will be giving a talk entitled Seeing Through Apocalypse.
Jake Stratton Kent will be a gushing spring on matters necromantic as the second volume of his Encyclopaedia Goetica takes final shape. Other confirmed speakers in a full day and night of events include Nathaniel Harris, Kim Huggens and Andy Cooper.
Midian Books, Hadean Press, Hellfire Club books, Labyrinth bookshop and others will be attending to sate your desire for fine volumes.

For those within striking distance, tickets can be purchased here:


The website is here:


We look forward to seeing you there.

If you are visiting Glastonbury, either for the conference or in the future, we highly recommend Labyrinth Books, at the top of the High Street which is surely one of the best occult bookshops in England.