Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Going Postal

Less of a blog and more of a quick update.
Xmas post and weather this year seems to be causing a lot of delays.
If you have ordered and received an email from us, rest assured your books are on the way.

Paradoxically enough it seems to be the books sent in the first wave which are taking longest to arrive. One of the delights of Mercury retrograde.

If you have any concerns about your books, do drop us an email.

For those on our subscriber list, expect an email on January 6 with details and pre-order for our latest title.


Apparently the delay is with customs in the US who are only letting through packages slowly as they process them. This is a a real headache as it is the books which were sent first which are subject to the longest delays.

Our continued apologies but this is beyond our control.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Jake Stratton-Kent’s Geosophia: In stock and shipping

First pictures of Jake Stratton-Kent’s masterpiece Geosophia.

Mask of Dionysos and the Mistress of Beasts


Full details can be found at

All pre-orders have been sent.
This title is in stock and ready to ship.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The House of God

The war has begun. Those who engage with the astrology will calculate the ephemera around the arrest of Julian Assange. We are retaliating as only magicians can by engaging in a War of our own as the enemies which seemed so ephemeral have finally taken form in the triangle.

It is not enough to dither or ask What would Aleister Crowley do?
We are here NOW.
It is for us to confront this direct attack on our freedom.

This is a critical time, and magick, if it is to prove anything at all, is the art of applying leverage at critical moments in time, as the Temple of Psychic Youth would say:

To force thee hand of chance

Buckle up, this post is going to cover a lot of ground with enough links to keep you busy, those familiar with the ideas in XVI will already be ahead of the curve on this.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is the victim of the most coordinated attack on online freedom of expression we have ever seen. Regardless of your opinion on the rights and wrongs of Cablegate, or the character of Assange himself, this is a terrifying vertiginous moment where the allegedly free West has shown its true despotic face and the possible future being planned for all of us. The freedom of the internet, the freedom of expression, and the freedom of journalism to expose the wrongdoing of those in power is at stake.

Julian Assange has been arrested on what are entirely spurious rape allegations. As devotees of Babalon this is not something which we say lightly. Yet the facts in this case are clear, the allegations have already been thrown out by the Swedish Courts. The allegations are entirely politically motivated. This is further shown by the speed of the extradition procedure, the actions of Interpol and the refusal of the Judge to grant bail despite heavyweight support from (amongst others) John Pilger and Ken Loach, two of the last radically independent film makers and journalists. If you have doubts about the allegations, even the reactionary tabloid The Daily Mail is saying this.

For more on the collapse of investigative journalism we recommend Flat Earth News .

The speed with which Assange has been snared can be contrasted with the example of mass murderer Augusto Pinochet, a disgusting tyrant who the West seemed entirely unable to prosecute for war crimes. Pinochet and the South and Central American resistance to dictatorships and corrupt regimes also gives magicians ideas of how to act.

In regimes dominated by censorship, the writers and artists created magical realism, using the mythic and imaginal to respond to the challenge and ultimately destroy the oppressors.

This is magick.

We would do well to read Jorge Luis Borges, Carlos Fuentes and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. For those unfamiliar with this tradition of literature look at Pan’s Labyrinth, and if you wish to learn from the history of the Spanish Civil War, George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia and Ken Loach’s film Land and Freedom.

What we are seeing with the attack on Wikileaks is as monstrous as the actions of any military junta.

We need to poison their dreams and replace them with our own folklore and fairytales, to answer them with magick.

Wikileaks are the victim of classic black-ops. Nothing has changed since Macchiavelli, the same strategies are used to protect power. We do not even need to enter into debate as to whether the women involved are CIA operatives, or to what extent Sweden is a puppet state. Assange is being smeared, and set up for rendition to the United States. For those who still hold any ideas about the United States being a force for good in the world I invite you to watch Taxi to the Dark Side.

I allowed myself a wry smile yesterday when in the background of the news footage shot outside the court a protestor was holding up a sign inscribed with the words: Witch Hunt.

This is indeed the inquisition in full cry.

The sex allegations against Assange are the same as those aimed at discrediting Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement. The same forces of counter-revolution are behind them. The same inquisition. The same burners of books. The same destroyers of libraries. What we are seeing with the attack on freedom of speech is a continuation of the counter revolution which began in the 1960’s. This is not an idle metaphor, many of the same individuals are still in power, in particular we must cite the Chicago School and the Neo-Cons behind The Project for a New American Century.

(For more on the rise of propaganda to control the population we highly recommend the series of films by Adam Curtis. Please invest the time in watching them: The Century of the Self )

There are business and banking interests playing a long game behind the scenes and their interests are inimicable to freedom. I write this not as a conspiracy theorist, but from the perspective of a degree level education in politics, and as a trained professional journalist.

The wave of political assassinations in the United States was part of a deliberate strategy to prevent the social changes born on the wings of LSD and sexual liberation. As magicians we must also see this as an attack on the dawn of a new magical age whether you wish to characterise it as Horus or Aquarius. The war on (some) drugs is a war on consciousness, on magic and on ecstasy. Yet as magicians, we also know that the cult of ecstasy and the undying Dionysos will rise and destroy them. (For more on the crucial revolutionary role of female sexuality see our last public presentation PDF.)

What was a war on LSD and hashish and consciousness expansion has morphed into a war on information. Alex Jones in his sweaty Texan bunker is right on that point. Internet freedom is our LSD. This is where our generation draws the line in the sand and confronts Choronzon (or Ghoul). The internet has become our third mind. It is the realm of imagination and in that sense, the realm of magic.

We have been highly critical of those who simply live out lives online, and our criticisms still stand. The internet is not real life, it is largely Spectacle. A bread and circuses diversion that is plastic enough to mimic our desires and prevent us from actualising them. Often it is a debased game of like me, friend me, love me, love my myspace angle. The Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord is essential reading to understand this, as is the whole corpus of the Situationist International who are one of the major inspirations behind Scarlet Imprint.

What the internet is good at is allowing the free flow of information. This is anathema to those who wish to conduct their business under the cowl of secrecy. If you wish to glimpse how far they are prepared to go to protect their interests we would like to suggest studying the hard physical forensic evidence of Building Seven and the Thermate residue. Many have taken the RED pill, and are no longer beholden to the matrix, the black iron prison, the world of the Archons. This is an opening up to the magical world, to other ways of seeing.

The internet is our weapon in this struggle, just as LSD was in the sixties. The war has begun in the virtual world and it will spill out onto the streets. The student uprising in England and the UKuncut movement are examples of how this will happen. If we are to be called terrorists for this, it is because we are facing an enemy whose advantage on the open field is overwhelming. Magic follows the path of least resistance.

Philip K Dick was right for his time, but what we are seeing now is that the Empire has ended. The global power structures are irredeemably fissured. Collapse is upon us, as we have stated with absolute certainty in XVI. For those who have not been paying attention to the omens, try this: 2o statistics which show that the wealth is being stolen by the elite.

The bankers are bankrupt, their currency is revealed as worthless.
You cannot eat money and you cannot buy love.
Neither can you run consumer capitalism post peak oil as business as usual.

As the old certainties fall and fail there is a final spasm of tyranny, an attempt to enforce global slavery which we must actively resist. What Wikileaks has done is to make the threat visible. It has a name, it has a face, it has a corporate logo.
This is when we must decisively strike.

Immediate action is indicated:

Close your Amazon account.
Close your Mastercard and Visa account.
Do not support the Corporations.
Support the hacker attacks of Anonymous (Nemo?)
Mirror Wikileaks.
But most of all, enchant for freedom.

This is a time for Witchcraft, for the birth of a rhizomatic underground of resistance.
This is the Witchcraft advocated by Jack Parsons in the face of McCarthyism.

This is the Witchcraft that has drunk wisdom from the bloody grail of mystery.

May this be a Saturnalia of fucking, fighting and feasting for you all.

We will use our art to envisage a different future.

We will take magic onto the streets.

We swear vengeance.

And we, we are Legion.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Ars Goetia

A selection of images from the launch of Geosophia for those who could not make it through the ice and snow. Jake Stratton-Kent will be giving further talks in the UK in the Spring for those that missed out. Geosophia will be recognised as a truly transformative book which redefines the way in which we approach and Work goetic magic.

Opening with Liber Pyramidos

A working Verum altar

Jake reads from the /rouge edition of Geosophia

Johnny Jakobsson of Diabolical fame was on electrifying form

We would especially like to thank the Swedish contingent for coming over, Mrs Midian for the photographs and of course Misha for organising the event.

The /rouge edition of Geosophia is available and we hope the standard hardback will be with us soon, despite the delay with our printer. We will both blog and email as soon as it is in stock.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Bibliotheque Rouge Preview

First glimpse of the Bibliotheque Rouge editions of JSK’s Encyclopaedia Goetica series..

More information on Bibliotheque Rouge can be found here:

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Occult of Personality

Scarlet Imprint are featured in episode 93 of The Occult of Personality podcast.

...Peter and Alkistis describe their magickal paths and how they arrived at the vocation of publishing fine books. They describe Scarlet Imprint and its purpose of producing magickal texts that are original, unique, and beautiful talismans. They discuss their dedication to providing quality texts to other practitioners and breaking boundaries.

This was an in depth discussion we were delighted to engage in.
We hope others find it equally stimulating.

The podcast can be listened to here:

The topics covered range from Babalon to Thelema to ritual and with a particular emphasis on the radical ideas proposed in XVI.

We fully support the work of Greg in producing these podcasts which are a real asset to the global occult community. Do show your support by considering donating or subscribing to the podcast.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Great Below

This weekend we gave a warmly received presentation. Though speeches are by necessity not as detailed as the work we can put forward in essays for a more specialist audience, we would like to make the text of this available. This draws on ideas and material from XVI, as well as some previous presentations on witchcraft and discussion on the descent of Inanna.

Raw Power: Witchcraft, Babalon and Female Sexuality can be read and downloaded in pdf form here:

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Geosophia Launch Party and Ars Goetia day

Geosophia Launch Party and Ars Goetia day

December 4 2010
14:00- 00:00
St James Wine Vaults, St James Square, Bath, BA1 2TW

Jake Stratton-Kent and Misha Newitt are hosting a day of goetia and a night of revelry and hijinks to celebrate the launch of Geosophia : The Argo of Magic. This revolutionary two volume work, published by Scarlet Imprint, traces a continuous history of Western magic from the Greeks to the Grimoires.

The necromantic settting of the St James Wine Vaults in Bath plays host to a full programme of talks, an exhibition of art and an evening of socialising, dancing and imbibing.

A contribution of five pounds for the lectures, exhibition and evening event is requested.

Jake will be performing the opening ceremony, ‘The Opening of the Pyramid’ adapted from Liber Pyramidos and giving a talk on Chthonic religion and Goetia. An energetic and engaging speaker, Jake has both the intellectual firepower and the magical fire to communicate his daring and meticulously researched thesis which challenges the received wisdom of the Western Magical Tradition.

Geosophia is available for subscriber pre-order and will be ready to ship in late November.

Johnny Jakobsson will hold a lecture named: Nebiros et Ars Necromantica. This will be his second lecture in the UK following the release of his essay Le Grand Grimoire – Pacta Conventa Dæmoniorum in Diabolical (2009). Those who saw his performance at the Black Mass at the Horse Hospital last year will be excited to see him hold forth again.
This time he will take us on a journey from the ancient Greek tradition of the Nekuomanteion and into the forbidden art of medieval European necromancy. Through his own empirical studies of the European grimoire tradition, he will for the first time elucidate Nebiros’ chief position in the hierarchy of the cemetery and furthermore shed some light on the notorious tradition of the Hand of Glory.

Johnny will also exhibit magical mirrors in the guise of demonic portraits. In conjunction with the physical presence of Geosophia the paintings are intended to provide means of presence for the spirits of the art.

Mr. Jakobsson’s collaborator Michael Idehall will also display paintings inspired by his necromantic practises and the alchemical aspects of death in particular. He has previously touched on the subject in his article The Tower of Babel published in XVI (2010).

Peter Grey will be presenting a lecture entitled Corrupted Spirits and Infernal Keys on his work with Goetia and the forthcoming Scarlet Imprint title Abominations, destroying many of the misconceptions that surround the so-called Lemegeton or Goetia of Solomon the King.

The evening will conclude with a troop of dancers, music and merriment.

Please rsvp via facebook here

Or if you are fortunate enough not to be sharing your intimate details and esoteric proclivities with every intelligence spook, potential employer and marketing agency send us a discrete email to scarletimprint at gmail dot com

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Gathering Grimoires

The Grimoire Gathering in Clun was a good opportunity to hear some very different perspectives on the grimoires. Carrying on the tradition of the well respected Ludlow Esoteric Conference, this was a gathering for practitioners. These events are always small affairs, but over a hundred people assembling in this remote location is quite an achievement.

David Cypher spoke on the importance of Cornelius Agrippa, and although The Three Books of Occult Philosophy are not a grimoire, the ideas collated by Agrippa make this text one of the cornerstones of modern magic. Our own copy of Three Books is well thumbed, bookmarked and often consulted. It is, as David Cypher demonstrated, a key part of the education of any practical magician. With many students looking for ‘advanced magic books’ it is easy to neglect the fundamentals which Agrippa introduces.
David Rankine’s essay on Agrippa’s magic squares in Howlings is worth mentioning here for those who have not read it and wish to understand how the kameas and their sigils work.

The whole out of copyright text of The Three Books of Occult Philosophy can be found free online here:

Though we find the electronic form unwieldy, it is useful when researching.
We also recommend the Llewellyn version edited by Donald Tyson with extensive footnotes. Tyson also has substantial essays which appear in Howlings and Diabolical.

Our friend David Rankine of Golden Hoard spoke on the Key of Solomon, talking about its origins in the Greek Hygromanteia. Though we personally disagree with him over the use of angels to constrain demons, David as ever gave a strong performance covering a lot of ground and material. His enthusiasm and knowledge of the grimoires shone through. His work with Stephen Skinner in collating the MS of the grimoire tradition is one of the most important publishing endeavours in modern magical history.

We had been looking forward to seeing Jake Stratton-Kent again and he did not disappoint. On rollickingly good form Jake set out his argument that grimoire magic, seen through the lens of his extensive work with the Grimorium Verum, can be traced to the figure of the ancient Greek Goes. His thesis completely changes the way we see Western magic, rather than a reliance on late influences such as Qabalah, we can see a direct line from the grimoires to the spirit contact and necromancy of the chthonic world. Fizzing with energy and passion, Jake further laid out how this reconnection can take us into a new fusion of Western grimoire magic with the living traditions of the African Traditional Religions. It was a tour de force.

Geraldine Beskin of Atlantis rounded off the day with an entertaining biography of Frederick Hockley.

We were pleased to meet more of our readers and friends in the flesh. It is always a pleasure.

We hope that this event will be repeated.

Jake will be speaking again in Bath and his new work Geosophia will soon be available for subscriber pre-order.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Omphalos Equinox Fair 2010

Omphalos Equinox Fair 2010

St. James Wine Vaults
St. James square
Bath, UK
Saturday 18 Sunday 19 September 2010

We will be attending this two day festival organised by the Omphalos group in Bath, UK.
Excellent to see one of the few serious magical moots in England continuing to thrive and put on events.

For those who can't make it to the Grimoire Gathering in Clun this is another chance to see Jake Stratton-Kent. Also looking forward to Scarlet Imprint author Levannah Morgan (The Ishtar Diaries in Devoted) talking on Maya Deren and Kenneth Anger. It looks like an excellent line-up over two days in a friendly and unpretentious venue for a very reasonable price.

SATURDAY 2PM sharp until 7PM

Opening Ritual - Through A Mirror Darkly

MOGG MORGAN - The Companionship of Set; readings from The Grimoire of Set

ADEBISI DATA ADEKUNLE - The Seven African Powers in Ifa Magic and Spirituality

LEVANNAH MORGAN - The Magickal Avantgarde; the films of Maya Deren (The Divine Horsemen) and Kenneth Anger (Lucifer Rising) - with video excerpts


Private Party down in the Vaults
Sharron Kraus and Omphiucus followed by the Devil's best tunes to keep you dancing 'til midnight


GERALDINE BESKINE - How We Made Magick Modern, a true occult review from the owner of the Atlantis Bookshop.

KARL LE MARCS - A History of the Hellfire Club given by the author of "Collapsing the Consciousness wave" and Steward of The Hell Fire Club (Red Horse Vale Chapter)

JAKE STRATTON KENT - Goetic Fusion, a discussion of the synergy of goetic magic with African diaspora traditions; a possible future for Western Occultism?

Full details of the event can be found here:

TICKETS: Saturday and Sunday £5.50 per day / £8.00 on the door.
Available here:

For all enquiries email

Or see Facebook!/event.php?eid=145648028787914

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


This has been described as a ‘golden age of occult publishing’.
From the internet it appears that there is a thriving international occult community and that publishers are reaping the benefits.

This could not be further from the truth.

Most magical publishers are very small businesses struggling to survive.
Occult authors are making precious little, if any, money.
This is not the motivation behind the work.
We work a seven day week at Scarlet Imprint because we believe in what we are doing.
Producing books is a massively demanding occupation.

We wasted another day today trying to stop illegal copies of our books when we could have been finishing Geosophia for the printers and working on our own writing. We are sick to death of this, as are Ixaxaar, Golden Hoard, Xoanon et al.

Occult books are printed in limited numbers, for many reasons - financial constraints being one, and because there are precious few serious students.

Occult bookshops are struggling to survive. The number of members in actual magical orders (rather than internet fantasies) is tiny. Illegal files really hurt small communities such as ours. We are not Metallica or Time Warner, we cannot afford lawyers or any more of our precious time on monitoring or blocking file sharing sites.

If you own our books you are some of the very few students committed to the art.
The most supportive action you can take is to buy books produced by genuine magical publishers written by authors who have something worthwhile to say.

Free for all

There is a massive amount of free, out of copyright occult material online. More information than at any stage in history. Authors are also contactable and generous with their knowledge. Students are not starved of source material or living contact, if they seek it out.

Many illegal uploaders believe that they are providing a service, that they are disseminating knowledge for the right reasons. However their actions are destroying the marginal livelihood of the authors they are copying. They are seriously jeopardising any future work.

If you just want online twitter and reprints of dead authors from fewer and fewer sources, then this is what you will get. If you understand the book arts, then you will know how precious the skills are that our books keep alive.

Illegally uploading the work of an author is disrespectful. Copying the work of a magician and then seeking to work with those spirits is quite frankly stupid. A hacked pdf violates a simple magical principle of not haggling when you buy a black hen’s egg. The author and publisher have deliberately chosen to produce the book as a magical object, it stands to reason that this should be respected.

If you are exchanging files then you are making a serious magical mistake.

If you have the luxury of a laptop, an internet connection and a scanner, you are not too poor to buy books. Give something back to the occult community rather than simply taking, or getting online kudos for someone else’s work. Saving money for a book or going without can be in itself a magical act.
We recognise that not everyone can afford a full vellum book, or even a standard hardback, which is why we have announced Bibliothèque Rouge as a paperback imprint. We also want information to reach students. We also want our authors to be paid for their work. They deserve it.

Taking Action

If you read and appreciate books from occult publishers and find illegal uploads, write to the publishers with the URL so that we can file a DMCA notice and get the content removed where we can.

You are also welcome to contact the uploaders and patiently explain why this is such a damaging practice. It is up to all of us to take responsible action on this.

If the uploads are on a closed community or forum, write to the uploader through their profile or post on the forum asking them politely to remove the files. If you are on a forum then write to the moderators and ask them to support small occult publishers by not allowing uploads of their books.

If you have illegal files, delete them and buy the physical book.

It is up to the occult community to stop the illegal file sharing by not tolerating the uploading of copyright material. The alternative is that no new work is produced, small publishers are utterly marginalised and the book arts go into terminal decline.
We want to keep making radical, progressive books for serious students of magic.
The book is a physical and magical object which cannot be replaced with a digital clone.

Support us in our work and that of the other committed magical publishers.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Geosophia: The Argo of Magic

It has been a long summer in the mountains for Scarlet Imprint, and now we are breaking our silence. The reason for our silence has been simple: Work.

We are preparing the latest manuscript from Jake Stratton-Kent for publication, the sequel, or perhaps that should be prequel, to The True Grimoire.

JSK has been receiving much deserved acclaim for the contribution that he has made to the grimoire tradition by making a working conjuror’s version of the Grimorium Verum available. Rather than the obfuscation and grand sounding statements that characterise much occult writing, Jake has the clear and concise expression that come from his many years serving as a practicing necromancer dedicated to his art and the spirits. His essay in Diabolical is a benchmark, perhaps the clearest exposition of how to perform Goetic ritual that has ever made it into print. His credentials are impressive, an interview and overview of his magical career can be found on our new authors page:

The next work in his Encyclopaedia Goetica series is soon to follow. This is a massive production of two weighty volumes that have deserved our full attention. With some flourish we can reveal that Geosophia: The Argo of Magic will be released this Autumn in both Scarlet Imprint and Bibliotheque Rouge editions.

The True Grimoire will also be appearing this Winter as a Bibliotheque Rouge edition, as the Scarlet Imprint Death’s Head Edition will sell out. Copies still available here

Geosophia is a very important text. Tracing the development of magic from the Greeks to the grimoires it lays bare the chthonic roots of ritual. By exposing the necromantic origins of much of modern magic we are able to reconnect with the source of our ritual tradition. There is a continuity of practice in the West which encompasses the pre-Olympian cults of Dionysus and Cybele, is found in the Greek Magical Papyri and Picatrix and flows into the grimoires. Rather than a muddle of superstition, the grimoire tradition is revealed as the living descendant of the ancient practices of the Goes. Both a scholarly and eminently practical work, Geosophia equips the modern grimoire magician with an arsenal of techniques and approaches that will transform their personal art. The mythic structure of Geosophia anchors the practice of the modern necromancer in an indigenous yet eclectic history which transfuses the Western Magical Tradition with the same vitality that we find in the African diaspora religions. It is a remarkable descent into the Underworld, bringing forth new life.

A full description of Geosophia and pre-order details will be sent to our subscriber list in due course.

If you are not already on our email list you may join by sending an email to with the subject line subscribe.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Kill all Kings

We have just received the XVI Kill all Kings fine edition from the binders.
Hand bound in fine scarlet goat, dramatically incised slipcase, charred edges and molten gold endpapers. It is a very powerful book.

All pre-ordered copies will be posted tomorrow.

More of our fine bindings can be seen at

Monday, 12 July 2010


We will be releasing future titles under the Bibliothèque Rouge banner, as simple affordable paperbacks alongside our Scarlet Imprint hardback and fine editions. Taking inspiration from the Bibliothèque Bleue which put all manner of books, including grimoires, into the hands of everyman and everywoman, these pocketbook manifestos will be simple editions. As an example of the potency of low magic.
As a way to get the words out in the world.

The Bibliothèque Bleue changed the magical and social landscape of Europe by wresting books from the hands of the aristocrats, clerics and middle classes.

We intend to create the same degree of change in a culture bloated on media but starved of the mythic, the magic, and the truly transformative. Fundamental to our ethos for Bibliothèque Rouge is that contemporary esoteric thought and practice are accessible to all.

The first title we will release simultaneously in both Scarlet Imprint and Bibliothèque Rouge editions will be Volume II of the Encyclopaedia Goetica by Jake Stratton-Kent, a ground-breaking work in two volumes.

This title is scheduled for October 2010.

With Scarlet Imprint we will continue to support the work of artisans and craftsmen making books of lasting value.

With Bibliothèque Rouge we will ensure that the transmission of information and knowledge is unrestricted.

(More news on the new title from JSK will be released in our next subscriber newsletter.)

Friday, 2 July 2010

First online review of XVI

Lightning storms in the mountains today, and fittingly we came across this online review of XVI from the Daughter of Sunset Blog:

There is something distinctly apocalyptic about the collection of essays published by Scarlet Imprint under the Roman numeral title of XVI, associated with the 16th card in the Tarot deck, otherwise known as “The Tower,” or “The House of God.” Sixteen authors muse on the meaning of the card, taking it as the point of departure in order to discuss the perceived collapse of our present civilization, the ecological and economic crisis, and magical ways of coping with the end of the ‘age of exuberance,’ the breakdown of authority, and the initiatic experience of the dissolution of one’s own sense of separate identity. The writers and the writing are at the cutting edge of the contemporary magical current, informed inevitably and clearly by Crowley and Thelema. The opinions are diverse and the views often verge on disturbing: there is certainly nothing in the book that would be acceptable to everyone, and that is as it should be. The overall message is however clear: it’s the end of the world as we know it, whether we like it or not. In the words of Peter Grey, one of the two principal editors of the collection, and the co-owner of the Scarlet Imprint, “If there is one piece of alchemical arithmetic you need to take away from this entire book, it is this: for every one calorie of food produced, ten calories of oil are needed to produce it” (“Seeing Through Apocalypse,” 92; emphasis in the original). You do the math.

It would be inaccurate, however, to think that this is a volume of gloom. Quite the opposite, the bulk of the essays urge towards action: magical, political, ecological, erotic, you name it. To quote Peter Grey again, “In opposition to the Tower we raise the image of the maypole. A living symbol on a human scale. An image of resistance ” (“Forwarned,” iii; you can read this text here). In a similar vein, Peter Carroll suggests the following as a vision of an alternative state of affairs: “Imagine a society where neighborhoods had their own magical temples where people could come to learn and practice meditation, visualization, trance, ritual, invocation, enchantment and divination, free from theological dogma, purely as mental techniques” (“”Eschaton,” 250). On a more technical note, the book is a beautifully produced hard-cover volume graced by a black-and white rendition of “The Tower,” executed by Kyle Fite (whose personal gallery may be viewed on the Lashal site, where Fite appears under the nom de plume ‘Kidneyhawk’).

Highly recommended. But be forewarned: “By the mere possession of this book, you too are implicated” (Grey, “Forewarned,” iii).

-Frater Iskander.

The original review can be read here:

Good to see the work getting out to people and having an impact.

More on XVI here for those who haven't yet tasted the current.

Friday, 18 June 2010


You can now read the introduction to XVI Forewarned by Peter Grey as a free online pdf.

This should whet your appetite for what is being described as the 'essential book of the year' and 'the most accomplished work to date by Scarlet Imprint'. The response from our readers has been similarly rapturous.

XVI is a tour de force of modern occult writing showing an engagement with the world through magickal means in a time of unprecedented chaos.

This is a heavyweight collection of radical and relevant work, putting the lie to the idea that nothing worthwhile has been written post-crowley. This is the future of magick.

Full details of XVI and the link to the free pdf can be found here

Thursday, 3 June 2010

XVI Launched

We would like to thank all of those who made the launch party for XVI at Watkins such a success.
Vodka cocktails and caviar seems the best way to celebrate the collapse of industrial society and the resurgence of the occult underground.
This was our first visit to London since the Black Mass in the Horse Hospital back in October, and a good chance for us to meet up with friends we have not seen since. Michael Staley of Starfire, Mogg Morgan of Mandrake and other luminaries were in attendance, as were XVI contriutors Stephen Grasso and Hafiz Batin. Simultaneous celebrations were also underway in Gothenburg and glasses raised by our writers in the States. What is most important about launches is that we get the chance to meet our readers on the level. To show that we are not simply publishers, but that we are all engaged in the Great Work and can continue to learn from each other.

We are delighted to see Watkins resurrected, and supporting the work we are doing to bring new blood and energy to magick. The occult titles are no longer hidden in the basement and it was fitting to see the reissue of Kenneth Grant’s Magickal Revival back up on the best sellers list. After only two and a half meteoric years of publishing, we were delighted to see our books displayed across the picture windows of one of the oldest esoteric establishments in the world. Dedicated magickal bookshops deserve the support of the community. We would like to commend Karsten, Marianna et al for their work, and for allowing so many drinks to be consumed with abandon in such close proximity to their precious books.

We are convinced that XVI is a critical title, and the reaction to it has been overwhelming. These are very serious works from respected writers on a crisis which we all face. We do not recognise the glib new age pronouncements on 2012, or accept the misery of wage slavery and vapid consumerism. We propose taking the lightning path.

We launch XVI with a backdrop of protest in Greece, the meltdown of the Euro, England mired in debt and the global economy on the verge of disaster. This civilisation on the knife edge is our perfect proving ground for the paths to knowledge we walk whether witchcraft, tantra or magick. Change is coming, in a more meaningful way than the smirks of Obama and Cameron can ever convey. It is now that we must confront the initiatory challenge of The Tower, and as magicians seize this moment to force the hand of chance.

A full listing of essays and contributors to XVI can be found here:

This write up has been a little late in coming as we have been travelling across Europe and are finally back in our beloved mountains for the Summer. The warming air has unleashed a storm of seeds over the precipitous slope of mountain ash, pine and beech trees that lead down to the cascade. The nights are black and studded with fist sized stars. We are seeking out the high and wild places. There is much work to be done.

We will be making another major announcement in our next newsletter at Summer Solstice. Those who have not subscribed can do so by sending an email to

Ethical Note:
We deliberately chose to use salmon caviar at our launch, given the endangered status of Beluga and the largely unreported death of the seas. We highly recommend watching this documentary to learn more.
As the potato is not endangered Scarlet Imprint continue to endorse the use of high quality and suitably cold vodka.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

XVI: Bringing down the House of God

XVI is bound in natural linen cloth.
280pp comprising sixteen (and one) original and significant essays.
The cover is impressed with a sunken panel holding a striking letterpress rendering of the tower by occult artist Kyle Fite. XVI is printed throughout in red and black ink on heavy paper stock.

The babel edition of XVI comes in a strict edition of 700 copies and can be yours for forty four english pounds.

Our civilisation is in crisis.
As we confront ecological collapse, political control, wars of terror, and wars on consciousness, we are seeking emergence from this state of emergency.

XVI proposes gnostic strategies for liberation.
Some will consider this a dangerous and inflammatory book.
It is.
These provocative essays from the most radical contemporary occult thinkers reveal a creative and passionate engagement with the world.

Attacks on our freedoms can lead to freedom, the sudden enlightenment, the lightning path and the initiatory crisis that the tower also represents.

XVI seeks to raise magickal awareness of the unique times we find ourselves in, whilst being open to the resourcefulness and indominatable nature of the human spirit to find solutions and responses to it.
This is magick attuned to the zeitgeist.

Sex, drugs, art, initiation rites, calls to arms, ritual actions, aeonic plans, revolutionary witchcraft and apocalypse converge in our new title, XVI.

XVI contains these essays:

John Michael Greer - Magic and the End of History
The shape of time, the myth of progress and the fall of civilisation

Ramsey Dukes - XXXII - Not One Tower But Two
The forbidden pleasures of 9/11 and the fight for freedom

Carl Abrahamsson - Everything Must Go...On!
Metaprogramming the future through art

Eric K Lerner - The Tower
Shango, santeria, phallic magick and the tarot

Raven Caldera - Being the Change
The path of a trans-gender plant shaman, from permaculture to bdsm

Michael Idehall - The Tower of Babel
Qliphothic initiation on the averse path and the astral realm

Peter Grey - Seeing Through Apocalypse
John Dee, Babalon, brain chemistry and apocalypse denial

Dr George J Sieg - Occult War for the Aeon
Aeonic warfare from iot, oto, ona, to evola and the church, as civilisations clash

James Wasserman - Defeating a Vile Threat
Advocating patriotic thelemic resistance to attacks on our liberty

Hafiz Batin - Orgy in Matter
The spiritual warfare of an ismaili gnostic in the west

Dr Dave Evans/Francis Breakspear - Twin Infinities
Chaote on crowley, car crashes and identity crises

Stephen Grasso - Things Fall Apart
Fighting dystopian doomsayers with vodou

Kyle Fite - Falling into Fire
An initiates journey through the labyrinth of Burroughs, Blake, Hesse, Crowley and Bertiaux

Julian Vayne - The Ecstatic State
The war against some drugs and the ritual use of ketamine, toad venom and foxy methoxy

Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule - The Tower Crashes
Direct artistic intervention, babble babel, and both theatrical and ecological action

Peter J Carroll - Eschaton
The godfather of chaos magic enchants for the eschaton

Alkistis Dimech - Coup de Foudre
Woman and revolutionary witchcraft from the sabbat to collapse, from Michelet to Jack Parsons to now

The text is riven by images from:

Stafford Stone
Kyle Fite
Fredrik Soderberg
Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule
Hafiz Batin
Michael Idehall
Eric k Lerner

XVI can be ordered here:

Sunday, 23 May 2010

XVI Launch Party

XVI Launch Party

Watkins Books
21 Cecil Court

Friday May 28

Join us for molotov cocktails and caviar in Watkins Books to immanentise our new title XVI.

A radical collection of writers confronting what it means to practice magick in the shadow of the Tower. From Peter Carroll and Ramsey Dukes to John Michael Greer and Carl Abrahamsson. This is a book of modern magick.

A reading, a fierce bout of vodka and we will spill out to a central London drinking establishment to further fuel the Occult revolution.

Please note, this event starts at 18:30 sharp and concludes at 20:00.

RSVP to:

We look forward to seeing you there.

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Datura: First Review

First extensive review of Scarlet Imprint's Datura from

To be honest, I’ve dodged a serious bullet with Datura. When its editor, Ruby Sara, put out a call for submissions on Scarlet Imprints last year, I almost submitted a handful of poems for inclusion. The thought of an anthology of occult-themed poetic work and essays on the mystical aspects of the creative process struck quite a nerve with me, and I was eager to contribute. Luckily a combination of a busy life at the time and a creative dry spell prevented me from sending Sara anything by the deadline, and after reading through Datura, I’m deeply thankful that the few pieces I was able to conjure up never got sent her way. For even if they were accepted and published in the pages of Datura, the quality of the content is so high my work would have looked like utter shit next to everything else between its covers.

Datura contains the work of 26 poets, that work being a mix of 6 essays and 47 poems. When I picked up Datura, I was really eager to read the essays. Scarlet Imprint has published three other anthologies in the past – Howlings, Devoted, and Diabolical - and their occult essays were absolutely stellar. While I do love poetry, and have a deep fondness for the Pagan and fortean realms, I’ve read enough awful odes to Odin and tree-spirits (and composed quite a few myself, to be fair) that the thought of a book devoted to such poetry might be a risky gamble. I figured that six good essays could make up for some lousy astral-poetics. Thankfully while the essay-work is every bit as good as I hoped it would be, the poetry in Datura manages to keep its nimble-feet from stepping into the bear-trap of twee Pagan cliches.

The book has a mix of pieces by established poets like Penelope Shuttle and posthumous work by Peter Redgrove, and work by new writers like Ariel, whose poem “EGRE-GORE” reads like William Burroughs composing a cut-up at the Renaissance Fair, and I mean that in the best possible way. There are so many evocative fragments and resonant lines strewn through Datura’s pages: “her voice in my ear sounded like a pomegranate seed tastes / Ah, the earth, always turning up like a bad penny / the swift boat that turns around the island is a signal in the fibers of his skin”.

The poetry is very visceral, and while some of it is fairly esoteric and will probably baffle people who don’t have the slightest clue what names like Abraxas and Inanna could mean, most of Datura does come across as an accessible read for someone who cares not a whit about the occult but loves some good poetry.

As for the essays: if the rest of Datura was the literary equivalent of a toppled-over port-a-potty, “The Poetry Of Magic” by Paul Newman alone would have justified the books existence. It’s a wonderful piece that discusses animism and occult currents that sweep through so much of poetic history, discussing Coleridge, Dylan Thomas, Yeats, “Hymn To Pan” by Crowley, the “nightmare collage” of Eliot’s “The Waste Land”, and Ted Hughes. Newman’s piece does what all great pieces of cultural commentary should do: it immediately instills in the reader a burning desire to dive into the depths of work that the commentator casts a light on.....

The rest of the review can be read here:

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Jake Stratton-Kent at Aquae Sulis

Omphalos Magick Moot is delighted to welcome Jake Stratton-Kent as our guest speaker for May.

Jake describes himself as an `unaligned pagan Thelemite'. A practical magician for nearly four decades, his focus is the grimoires and the Hellenic world. Scarlet Imprint recently published his reconstructed and extensively commented edition of the Grimorium Verum under the title The True Grimoire, the first volume of his Encyclopaedia Goetica. He is currently working on Volume Two, an extensive survey of the Greek origins and mythic background of goetia, with its roots in chthonic religion and the magical papyri.

Properly understood goetic magic is the only continuous tradition in modern neo-paganism. These origins permit a magical renaissance separate from the later Judaeo-Christian redaction of ancient magic.

Date: Sunday 9th May 2010
Venue: Upstairs at the St James Wine Vaults, St James Square, Bath BA1 2TW.
Time: 2pm for a 2.30pm start
Cost: £5.00 on the door

The Omphalos Magick Moot will continue in the afternoon with a talking stick style discussion. Regular Omphalos meetings are on the second Sunday of each month, upstairs at the St James Wine Vaults.

For those on facebook, the event can be found here

What is occult publishing?

Alkistis was recently interviewed for the Serpent's Tongue webzine on occult publishing.

The full interview can be found here

Friday, 23 April 2010

Diabolical Discourse

Good to see more events happening in the UK with Diabolical Discourse.

Scarlet Imprint authors Peter Grey, Alkistis Dimech and Jake Stratton Kent will be speaking for them later in the year.

Those in the North might wish to follow this blog:
Or alternatively on Facebook

Friday, 9 April 2010

True Grimoire Review

We came across this review of Jake Stratton-Kent's True Grimoire online, and wanted to share it for those who wonder about the difference between it and the Joseph Peterson edition:

I ordered this book on a whim, thinking nothing new would be revealed but completely unable to pass up the chance of owning a hardcover of a grimoire that is very special to me. The Verum has always been my personal favorite and my very first evocation was with a demon from this grimoire. My previous copy of the book was a simple paperback by Joseph H. Peterson and while quite nice it did leave a lot to be desired. Still a useful book and one I do not regret owning as it was an improvement on previous editions; but it does leave you feeling rather empty.

Enter Jake Stratton-Kent and his take on this most wonderful of black magick tomes. To be honest the cover of the book is what caused my hesitation with this purchase. In the picture it is a goofy green looking cover with a red skull stamped in and just did not look right. Just not a big fan of green I suppose. However, upon receiving my copy I was actually beyond pleased with the cover. Holding it in your hands you can instantly feel the quality. It is a very thick hardcover and the green cloth is not only pleasing to look at but feels great. The red skull that has been stamped onto the book sets the tone for all that is to follow and gives a sense of the power you now hold in your hands. On the spine, and stamped in the same manner as the skull on the cover, are the words The Trve Grimoire.

Reading through this book is a real treat. In the first section JSK covers the history, the books relation to other grimoires (most notably The Grand Grimoire which will be mentioned throughout) and discusses the sigils; clearing up much of the confusion there. You will learn a great deal in this first part alone. Then we come to the grimoire itself. The first section which deals with the entities is presented and the sigils are clear, crisp and are in the correct places. No more guess work at all. We then move on to the spells and rituals of the grimoire and finally in the third section the instructions for the operations. Last but not least we are given the Cabala of the Green Butterfly.

After finishing all this up there is still a great deal more left. Have questions about something you read? JSK spends the rest of the book breaking everything down from the beginning to end. The entities are discussed and the roots of their names given when possible. A few magical squares are presented, planetary hours and days are discussed. The importance of Scirlin is stressed and explained nicely. A lengthy essay on Astaroth is presented which was a very informative and enjoyable read. The book finishes off with comparisons of the ponto riscados to the original Verum sigils.

All in all, this is a wonderful purchase. I feel it is the greatest edition of this tome ever to be in print and worth every penny spent for it. It is authored by a practicing magician for practicing magicians and in this you are not disappointed or left wanting.

This is the original link to the review:

The True Grimoire can be found on the Scarlet Imprint site here