Friday, 18 June 2010


You can now read the introduction to XVI Forewarned by Peter Grey as a free online pdf.

This should whet your appetite for what is being described as the 'essential book of the year' and 'the most accomplished work to date by Scarlet Imprint'. The response from our readers has been similarly rapturous.

XVI is a tour de force of modern occult writing showing an engagement with the world through magickal means in a time of unprecedented chaos.

This is a heavyweight collection of radical and relevant work, putting the lie to the idea that nothing worthwhile has been written post-crowley. This is the future of magick.

Full details of XVI and the link to the free pdf can be found here

Thursday, 3 June 2010

XVI Launched

We would like to thank all of those who made the launch party for XVI at Watkins such a success.
Vodka cocktails and caviar seems the best way to celebrate the collapse of industrial society and the resurgence of the occult underground.
This was our first visit to London since the Black Mass in the Horse Hospital back in October, and a good chance for us to meet up with friends we have not seen since. Michael Staley of Starfire, Mogg Morgan of Mandrake and other luminaries were in attendance, as were XVI contriutors Stephen Grasso and Hafiz Batin. Simultaneous celebrations were also underway in Gothenburg and glasses raised by our writers in the States. What is most important about launches is that we get the chance to meet our readers on the level. To show that we are not simply publishers, but that we are all engaged in the Great Work and can continue to learn from each other.

We are delighted to see Watkins resurrected, and supporting the work we are doing to bring new blood and energy to magick. The occult titles are no longer hidden in the basement and it was fitting to see the reissue of Kenneth Grant’s Magickal Revival back up on the best sellers list. After only two and a half meteoric years of publishing, we were delighted to see our books displayed across the picture windows of one of the oldest esoteric establishments in the world. Dedicated magickal bookshops deserve the support of the community. We would like to commend Karsten, Marianna et al for their work, and for allowing so many drinks to be consumed with abandon in such close proximity to their precious books.

We are convinced that XVI is a critical title, and the reaction to it has been overwhelming. These are very serious works from respected writers on a crisis which we all face. We do not recognise the glib new age pronouncements on 2012, or accept the misery of wage slavery and vapid consumerism. We propose taking the lightning path.

We launch XVI with a backdrop of protest in Greece, the meltdown of the Euro, England mired in debt and the global economy on the verge of disaster. This civilisation on the knife edge is our perfect proving ground for the paths to knowledge we walk whether witchcraft, tantra or magick. Change is coming, in a more meaningful way than the smirks of Obama and Cameron can ever convey. It is now that we must confront the initiatory challenge of The Tower, and as magicians seize this moment to force the hand of chance.

A full listing of essays and contributors to XVI can be found here:

This write up has been a little late in coming as we have been travelling across Europe and are finally back in our beloved mountains for the Summer. The warming air has unleashed a storm of seeds over the precipitous slope of mountain ash, pine and beech trees that lead down to the cascade. The nights are black and studded with fist sized stars. We are seeking out the high and wild places. There is much work to be done.

We will be making another major announcement in our next newsletter at Summer Solstice. Those who have not subscribed can do so by sending an email to

Ethical Note:
We deliberately chose to use salmon caviar at our launch, given the endangered status of Beluga and the largely unreported death of the seas. We highly recommend watching this documentary to learn more.
As the potato is not endangered Scarlet Imprint continue to endorse the use of high quality and suitably cold vodka.