Friday, 26 November 2010

Bibliotheque Rouge Preview

First glimpse of the Bibliotheque Rouge editions of JSK’s Encyclopaedia Goetica series..

More information on Bibliotheque Rouge can be found here:

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Occult of Personality

Scarlet Imprint are featured in episode 93 of The Occult of Personality podcast.

...Peter and Alkistis describe their magickal paths and how they arrived at the vocation of publishing fine books. They describe Scarlet Imprint and its purpose of producing magickal texts that are original, unique, and beautiful talismans. They discuss their dedication to providing quality texts to other practitioners and breaking boundaries.

This was an in depth discussion we were delighted to engage in.
We hope others find it equally stimulating.

The podcast can be listened to here:

The topics covered range from Babalon to Thelema to ritual and with a particular emphasis on the radical ideas proposed in XVI.

We fully support the work of Greg in producing these podcasts which are a real asset to the global occult community. Do show your support by considering donating or subscribing to the podcast.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Great Below

This weekend we gave a warmly received presentation. Though speeches are by necessity not as detailed as the work we can put forward in essays for a more specialist audience, we would like to make the text of this available. This draws on ideas and material from XVI, as well as some previous presentations on witchcraft and discussion on the descent of Inanna.

Raw Power: Witchcraft, Babalon and Female Sexuality can be read and downloaded in pdf form here:

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Geosophia Launch Party and Ars Goetia day

Geosophia Launch Party and Ars Goetia day

December 4 2010
14:00- 00:00
St James Wine Vaults, St James Square, Bath, BA1 2TW

Jake Stratton-Kent and Misha Newitt are hosting a day of goetia and a night of revelry and hijinks to celebrate the launch of Geosophia : The Argo of Magic. This revolutionary two volume work, published by Scarlet Imprint, traces a continuous history of Western magic from the Greeks to the Grimoires.

The necromantic settting of the St James Wine Vaults in Bath plays host to a full programme of talks, an exhibition of art and an evening of socialising, dancing and imbibing.

A contribution of five pounds for the lectures, exhibition and evening event is requested.

Jake will be performing the opening ceremony, ‘The Opening of the Pyramid’ adapted from Liber Pyramidos and giving a talk on Chthonic religion and Goetia. An energetic and engaging speaker, Jake has both the intellectual firepower and the magical fire to communicate his daring and meticulously researched thesis which challenges the received wisdom of the Western Magical Tradition.

Geosophia is available for subscriber pre-order and will be ready to ship in late November.

Johnny Jakobsson will hold a lecture named: Nebiros et Ars Necromantica. This will be his second lecture in the UK following the release of his essay Le Grand Grimoire – Pacta Conventa Dæmoniorum in Diabolical (2009). Those who saw his performance at the Black Mass at the Horse Hospital last year will be excited to see him hold forth again.
This time he will take us on a journey from the ancient Greek tradition of the Nekuomanteion and into the forbidden art of medieval European necromancy. Through his own empirical studies of the European grimoire tradition, he will for the first time elucidate Nebiros’ chief position in the hierarchy of the cemetery and furthermore shed some light on the notorious tradition of the Hand of Glory.

Johnny will also exhibit magical mirrors in the guise of demonic portraits. In conjunction with the physical presence of Geosophia the paintings are intended to provide means of presence for the spirits of the art.

Mr. Jakobsson’s collaborator Michael Idehall will also display paintings inspired by his necromantic practises and the alchemical aspects of death in particular. He has previously touched on the subject in his article The Tower of Babel published in XVI (2010).

Peter Grey will be presenting a lecture entitled Corrupted Spirits and Infernal Keys on his work with Goetia and the forthcoming Scarlet Imprint title Abominations, destroying many of the misconceptions that surround the so-called Lemegeton or Goetia of Solomon the King.

The evening will conclude with a troop of dancers, music and merriment.

Please rsvp via facebook here

Or if you are fortunate enough not to be sharing your intimate details and esoteric proclivities with every intelligence spook, potential employer and marketing agency send us a discrete email to scarletimprint at gmail dot com