Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Going Postal

Less of a blog and more of a quick update.
Xmas post and weather this year seems to be causing a lot of delays.
If you have ordered and received an email from us, rest assured your books are on the way.

Paradoxically enough it seems to be the books sent in the first wave which are taking longest to arrive. One of the delights of Mercury retrograde.

If you have any concerns about your books, do drop us an email.

For those on our subscriber list, expect an email on January 6 with details and pre-order for our latest title.


Apparently the delay is with customs in the US who are only letting through packages slowly as they process them. This is a a real headache as it is the books which were sent first which are subject to the longest delays.

Our continued apologies but this is beyond our control.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Jake Stratton-Kent’s Geosophia: In stock and shipping

First pictures of Jake Stratton-Kent’s masterpiece Geosophia.

Mask of Dionysos and the Mistress of Beasts


Full details can be found at

All pre-orders have been sent.
This title is in stock and ready to ship.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The House of God

The war has begun. Those who engage with the astrology will calculate the ephemera around the arrest of Julian Assange. We are retaliating as only magicians can by engaging in a War of our own as the enemies which seemed so ephemeral have finally taken form in the triangle.

It is not enough to dither or ask What would Aleister Crowley do?
We are here NOW.
It is for us to confront this direct attack on our freedom.

This is a critical time, and magick, if it is to prove anything at all, is the art of applying leverage at critical moments in time, as the Temple of Psychic Youth would say:

To force thee hand of chance

Buckle up, this post is going to cover a lot of ground with enough links to keep you busy, those familiar with the ideas in XVI will already be ahead of the curve on this.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is the victim of the most coordinated attack on online freedom of expression we have ever seen. Regardless of your opinion on the rights and wrongs of Cablegate, or the character of Assange himself, this is a terrifying vertiginous moment where the allegedly free West has shown its true despotic face and the possible future being planned for all of us. The freedom of the internet, the freedom of expression, and the freedom of journalism to expose the wrongdoing of those in power is at stake.

Julian Assange has been arrested on what are entirely spurious rape allegations. As devotees of Babalon this is not something which we say lightly. Yet the facts in this case are clear, the allegations have already been thrown out by the Swedish Courts. The allegations are entirely politically motivated. This is further shown by the speed of the extradition procedure, the actions of Interpol and the refusal of the Judge to grant bail despite heavyweight support from (amongst others) John Pilger and Ken Loach, two of the last radically independent film makers and journalists. If you have doubts about the allegations, even the reactionary tabloid The Daily Mail is saying this.

For more on the collapse of investigative journalism we recommend Flat Earth News .

The speed with which Assange has been snared can be contrasted with the example of mass murderer Augusto Pinochet, a disgusting tyrant who the West seemed entirely unable to prosecute for war crimes. Pinochet and the South and Central American resistance to dictatorships and corrupt regimes also gives magicians ideas of how to act.

In regimes dominated by censorship, the writers and artists created magical realism, using the mythic and imaginal to respond to the challenge and ultimately destroy the oppressors.

This is magick.

We would do well to read Jorge Luis Borges, Carlos Fuentes and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. For those unfamiliar with this tradition of literature look at Pan’s Labyrinth, and if you wish to learn from the history of the Spanish Civil War, George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia and Ken Loach’s film Land and Freedom.

What we are seeing with the attack on Wikileaks is as monstrous as the actions of any military junta.

We need to poison their dreams and replace them with our own folklore and fairytales, to answer them with magick.

Wikileaks are the victim of classic black-ops. Nothing has changed since Macchiavelli, the same strategies are used to protect power. We do not even need to enter into debate as to whether the women involved are CIA operatives, or to what extent Sweden is a puppet state. Assange is being smeared, and set up for rendition to the United States. For those who still hold any ideas about the United States being a force for good in the world I invite you to watch Taxi to the Dark Side.

I allowed myself a wry smile yesterday when in the background of the news footage shot outside the court a protestor was holding up a sign inscribed with the words: Witch Hunt.

This is indeed the inquisition in full cry.

The sex allegations against Assange are the same as those aimed at discrediting Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement. The same forces of counter-revolution are behind them. The same inquisition. The same burners of books. The same destroyers of libraries. What we are seeing with the attack on freedom of speech is a continuation of the counter revolution which began in the 1960’s. This is not an idle metaphor, many of the same individuals are still in power, in particular we must cite the Chicago School and the Neo-Cons behind The Project for a New American Century.

(For more on the rise of propaganda to control the population we highly recommend the series of films by Adam Curtis. Please invest the time in watching them: The Century of the Self )

There are business and banking interests playing a long game behind the scenes and their interests are inimicable to freedom. I write this not as a conspiracy theorist, but from the perspective of a degree level education in politics, and as a trained professional journalist.

The wave of political assassinations in the United States was part of a deliberate strategy to prevent the social changes born on the wings of LSD and sexual liberation. As magicians we must also see this as an attack on the dawn of a new magical age whether you wish to characterise it as Horus or Aquarius. The war on (some) drugs is a war on consciousness, on magic and on ecstasy. Yet as magicians, we also know that the cult of ecstasy and the undying Dionysos will rise and destroy them. (For more on the crucial revolutionary role of female sexuality see our last public presentation PDF.)

What was a war on LSD and hashish and consciousness expansion has morphed into a war on information. Alex Jones in his sweaty Texan bunker is right on that point. Internet freedom is our LSD. This is where our generation draws the line in the sand and confronts Choronzon (or Ghoul). The internet has become our third mind. It is the realm of imagination and in that sense, the realm of magic.

We have been highly critical of those who simply live out lives online, and our criticisms still stand. The internet is not real life, it is largely Spectacle. A bread and circuses diversion that is plastic enough to mimic our desires and prevent us from actualising them. Often it is a debased game of like me, friend me, love me, love my myspace angle. The Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord is essential reading to understand this, as is the whole corpus of the Situationist International who are one of the major inspirations behind Scarlet Imprint.

What the internet is good at is allowing the free flow of information. This is anathema to those who wish to conduct their business under the cowl of secrecy. If you wish to glimpse how far they are prepared to go to protect their interests we would like to suggest studying the hard physical forensic evidence of Building Seven and the Thermate residue. Many have taken the RED pill, and are no longer beholden to the matrix, the black iron prison, the world of the Archons. This is an opening up to the magical world, to other ways of seeing.

The internet is our weapon in this struggle, just as LSD was in the sixties. The war has begun in the virtual world and it will spill out onto the streets. The student uprising in England and the UKuncut movement are examples of how this will happen. If we are to be called terrorists for this, it is because we are facing an enemy whose advantage on the open field is overwhelming. Magic follows the path of least resistance.

Philip K Dick was right for his time, but what we are seeing now is that the Empire has ended. The global power structures are irredeemably fissured. Collapse is upon us, as we have stated with absolute certainty in XVI. For those who have not been paying attention to the omens, try this: 2o statistics which show that the wealth is being stolen by the elite.

The bankers are bankrupt, their currency is revealed as worthless.
You cannot eat money and you cannot buy love.
Neither can you run consumer capitalism post peak oil as business as usual.

As the old certainties fall and fail there is a final spasm of tyranny, an attempt to enforce global slavery which we must actively resist. What Wikileaks has done is to make the threat visible. It has a name, it has a face, it has a corporate logo.
This is when we must decisively strike.

Immediate action is indicated:

Close your Amazon account.
Close your Mastercard and Visa account.
Do not support the Corporations.
Support the hacker attacks of Anonymous (Nemo?)
Mirror Wikileaks.
But most of all, enchant for freedom.

This is a time for Witchcraft, for the birth of a rhizomatic underground of resistance.
This is the Witchcraft advocated by Jack Parsons in the face of McCarthyism.

This is the Witchcraft that has drunk wisdom from the bloody grail of mystery.

May this be a Saturnalia of fucking, fighting and feasting for you all.

We will use our art to envisage a different future.

We will take magic onto the streets.

We swear vengeance.

And we, we are Legion.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Ars Goetia

A selection of images from the launch of Geosophia for those who could not make it through the ice and snow. Jake Stratton-Kent will be giving further talks in the UK in the Spring for those that missed out. Geosophia will be recognised as a truly transformative book which redefines the way in which we approach and Work goetic magic.

Opening with Liber Pyramidos

A working Verum altar

Jake reads from the /rouge edition of Geosophia

Johnny Jakobsson of Diabolical fame was on electrifying form

We would especially like to thank the Swedish contingent for coming over, Mrs Midian for the photographs and of course Misha for organising the event.

The /rouge edition of Geosophia is available and we hope the standard hardback will be with us soon, despite the delay with our printer. We will both blog and email as soon as it is in stock.