Friday, 27 May 2011

Summer of Love


Scarlet Imprint present a veritable Summer of Love distilled into one brimful cup of intoxication, illumination and revelation.

Speakers, dancers, performance art, and ritual combine to create a truly magical happening in a secret, central and spectacular location from eleven until eleven.

This is a limited numbers ticket only event.

Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold author of Palo Mayombe: The Garden of Blood and Bones will be leaving behind the jungles of Brazil to make a rare UK appearance. He will be ritually opening the event, presenting and launching his new title for Scarlet Imprint: Pomba Gira & the Quimbanda of Mbumba Nzila.
(Pre-order and details of this title will be sent to our subscribers in July.)
ritual + presentation

Jake Stratton-Kent has been lured from the West Country to talk on ‘Familiar and Unfamiliar Spirits’. Exploring the Lares Compitales, Viales and Familiaris as the origin of the Verum spirit and Kimbanda Exu crossover. A tour de force, combining his work on the Grimorium Verum, the origins of magic as expressed in Geosophia and their flowering in the cults of the New World.

Peter Grey dissects one of the most notorious of the grimoire rituals, through Grand Grimoire, Red and Black Dragons, paring back the layers of artifice to a raw shamanic confrontation ‘In the skin of the Beast’. An exegesis with far reaching implications for grimoire magicians and their dealings with Lucifer.

Alkistis Dimech articulates the occult anatomy of the dancer, exploring the mysteries of concealment and revelation through the body. Physical praxis, cross-tradition research and an appetite for the carnal, trangressive and irrational have led her to reorient the body as the primal present and archaic source of knowing. In the ‘Mirror of Sacrifice’ the dancer encounters self as sacrifice, the act as divine epiphany, and the manifestation of Life in Death. Among the themes covered may be: imitation and doubling; witnessing & the dynamic of an audience; and a disclosure of some techniques to create what she calls 'the lucid body'.
presentation + evening performance

Ulysses Black is not a name known to the occult community, despite having generated, under different guises, considerable interest through much sought after publications and artwork. As Ulysses Black he assails the issue of identity through performance art and ritual action. From influences such as Joseph Beuys and Hermann Nitsch as well as the Western Magical Tradition he plots a return to mythical Ithaca.
presentation + evening performance

Michael Azzato, a devotee of Babalon, will be peforming an Egyptian Sha'abi Dance.
evening performance

Nous will be on decks and effects, unfurling Ismaili Gnostic soundscapes in a storm of sonic heresy.
evening performance

A day and night event ticket costs £15
A day ticket costs £10

E-tickets will be sent out with the location details and directions.
This is a zero profit event run for the magical community.

Getting there:

Brighton is an hour from London by train from Victoria or London Bridge station.
Brighton train station is five minutes walk from the venue.
Trains return to London until late.
Car share and accomodation offers and requests can be found on the Facebook event page. (live at the weekend)

About Brighton:
Brighton is the pleasure city of the Regency period and beyond. An artistic and bohemian idyll, the cremation place of Crowley, the ground zero of TOPY, queer, proud and vibrant. It abounds with bed and breakfasts, hostels and hotels for those who wish to stay overnight or make a weekend of it.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Daimonic Imagination

The Academy seems to be caught in a moment between exhultation and crisis. Such was the frisson at the Daimonic Imagination conference hosted by the University of Kent. This is not simply because the door has come ajar and errant daimonologists such as ourselves can slip into the discourse complete with official name badges and wild ideas, nor because some of those within the Academy are finding the courage to come out as practitioners themselves. But because of more fundamental changes in the world, writ large in the troubling stars.
But let us not get ahead of the story, and first let us taste the exhultation.

If the esoteric community is guarded, so too is academia, and we were delighted to get a chance to see the academics in their own environment and not feel excluded, but rather welcomed. Aside from the overuse of the word ‘ontology’ and perhaps a little more agonising over the implications of Kant than practitioners care for, the same passion and engagement was present. So too was the range of experiences and approaches. Anthropologists, Jungians, philosophers and historians all rubbed elbow patches, and none questioned the existence of the Daimon, but rather how we can meaningfully discuss the experience. It was a delightful banquet of parthenogenesis and psychedelics, fairies and Ficino. Debate and conversation was lively and well intentioned, the boundaries between disciplines were found to be permeable. This is the same feeling we experienced at Breaking Convention,the psychedelic conference on the same campus last month, and that we are also experiencing in the global practitioner community. Something profound is changing.
But how long can we sup at this paradisiacal feast?

The hosting Centre for the Study of Myth’s Geoffrey Cornelius recounted how the department had been memorably described by a senior administrator as ‘one mumbo short of a jumbo’. This is where the bright colours begin to decay into a monochromatic scale. Myth is neither respectable nor respected, and those who have dared to pursue the mysteries and build mystery schools within the establishment have done so on perilous ground. Though the academics have made their subject fit the demands of the Academy and produced excellent work (which they may be surprised to find is widely read in our circles) the climate has changed. As one of our friends who has seen his own academic future dissolve puts it, ‘in five years all that will be left in teaching is shopping and woodwork’, that is, marketing and engineering. The Academy and its aspirations are no longer grudgingly supported by the State. The daimons and the fairies will be the first to melt away, like an LSD saturated sugar cube, and that perhaps is what we also were witnessing. Though big hitters like Hutton have tenure, we wonder how many more will be able to rise to his stature. This will be a loss for all of us, and we offer our support to all beleagured academics in increasingly dificult times, especially those who have been brave enough to come out as practitioners in a disbelieving or actively hostile culture.
For those who wish to walk on the wild side, the invitation is open to our own modest conference to be held in Brighton on Saturday August 20, we can promise a different experience, but the same welcome you had the courtesy to extend to us.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Mayimbe spreads her wings

The fine bound Mayimbe edition of Palo Mayombe-The Garden of Blood and Bones by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold is here.

Mayimbe is the vulture, whose brooding presence conceals one of the central mysteries of the cult.
It is brought to life clad in a quarter-binding of handboarded straight grain black goatskin which results in an irregular organic finish. The wings are fletched with a specially commissioned marbled paper. the fore-edges are stained red and upon opening, italian handmade endpapers display their sombre silver grey finery.
All copies come ribboned and slipcased and with a handcrafted bilongo/telesmata.

We will be packing and shipping all the pre-ordered copies over the next few days.

Our congratulations to Nicholaj on this important book.

The standard hardback is available here
The limitless paperback is available here

More pictures of our titles can be found on our flickr page here