Sunday, 29 July 2012

Thunderbolt Pagodas

A Pleasure Dome was erected and inaugurated in Brighton on July 21. A deliberate artifice designed to create a moment out of time, and one which will endure.

We have accomplished our stated intent.

Finding a day that would work for us amdist the astrological carnage of the heavens was not easy, but we heralded the sun's entrance into Leo with the first day of Summer that anyone had seen. But then, we are no strangers to turmoil.

Brighton was perfectly lit for us. 

We offer our thanks to all those who participated in the masquerade.
Speakers, performers, dancers, actors, poets, authors, visionaries et al.
Something definitely happened and the effects will continue to be felt.

For those still watching askance from the sidelines, wondering whether something new is being born in magic and witchcraft, something renewed, this was living proof. Magic was not only talked about, it was demonstrated by people putting their practice on the line, the edges between performance and ritual blurring as the day gathered pace and flung us deeper into the night.

The events of the day were captured by and will be revealed in due course. But the prize in magic goes to those with persistence, those who make the physical journey and lend their bodies to the dance. You know who you are.

However, we want to include those on the other side of the oceans who could not be here and so the cinematic artefact is an important way for us to share with our absent friends.

Perhaps most telling is to look at the way in which the frames of those who came were tinted by the experience. People did not come to watch, they were all participants in the drama and transformed by it.

This very personal view of the day by Ivy Kerrigan really delighted us, and can be read here:

We are not interested in talking smack. There is a need for engaging directly. We come out of these events after months of planning and preparation empty-handed, but far richer for the experience.

In the tumult of maenads and madness we were unable to screen all of the films that we hoped. In lieu of that, here are a storm of images from our digital curator John Bradburn, that they may inspire others to paint in light.

Procession at Dawn (J Lee Maas, 

4 shorts by Stan Brakhage (Stan Brakhage 1967-75)

Astronaut Orphans (Julietta Triangular 2011).

TEASER 2 Astronaut Orphans from Julieta_triangular on Vimeo.

Soghoth (Diego Curubeto, unknown)

Mirror Animations (Harry Smith, 1960s)

Colour of Pomegranates (Sergei Parajanov, 1968).

Ah Pook is Here (Phillip Hunt, 1994)

 The Angelic Conversation (Derek Jarman 1985).

Dry Blood (Ethan Roberts, 2012). 

DRY BLOOD from Ethan Roberts on Vimeo.

Kustom Kar Kommandos (Kenneth Anger, 1970).

Kustom Kar Kommandos, (kenneth anger), by zohilof

OSSOSSWEEOSS! (Alan Lomax, 1953).

The Gathering (John Bradburn & Andy Paton 2012)

Decoder (Muscha, 1984)

Friday, 13 July 2012

Thrice Great

Final countdown to A Pleasure Dome commences.

For those in London we offer a welcome respite to the paramilitary lock down and paranoia of the Olympics. Brighton is an hour away by direct train from Victoria and worlds away from the sniper nests, missile arrays and general dis-ease of the corporate capital. You will be easily able to catch the last train back if you so desire.

You owe yourself this dalliance. 

Three events to be aware of this coming week as the excitement builds:

First up Carl Abrahamsson launches Fenris Wolf 5 at Atlantis Books in Museum Street, London on Thursday July 19. Fenris Wolf is a very important journal of occulture which bridges between the artistic avant garde, musical innovators and the esoteric underground. A chance to catch up with Carl before he makes the trip down to Brighton.

Carl will be presenting at A Pleasure Dome under the exciting title: "Go forth and let your brain halves procreate” A consistently engaging and challenging mind, we're delighted that he is a part of this, and from the amped emails, so is Mr Abrahamsson!

Next Orryelle launches Solve, the Black Book of his Alchemical quartet at Treadwell's Bookshop on Friday 20. He will be traipsing his barefoot path to Brighton for a theatrical performance with us the following day. We suggest you make like maenads and do likewise.

At A Pleasure Dome he will be launching an audio CD of the sung verses (with full instrumentation) of the Orphic Mystery Play 'Solve et Coagula' which he is performing there, to go with the illustrated libretto:

A Pleasure Dome will be inaugurated on Saturday July 21 in Brighton, with events starting at eleven sharp and culminating at eleven in the eve. 

Six speakers, two dancers, one theatrical extravaganza in two acts, recitations, music, dj, esoteric cinema screenings and sheer exhiliration.
The full line-up is given here:

Tickets are issued by email and cost £15.

Please note, the address of the venue is not given online for security reasons.
We will send you the location details with your ticket by email to our very central and impressive venue, five minutes from both the station and the sea. . 

If you are wavering we urge you to tip over the brink.
Events of this nature are few and far between.

Join us!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mandragora Chthonia

Mandragora Chthonia edition.
Full antique goat, sunk coffin copper blocking.
Magnani Firenze handmade endpapers.
Copper edges, slipcased.
32 exemplars.

 The fine edition is fully subscribed, however, we have copies of the exquisite hardback in stock.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Go Ask Alice

Delighted to share our latest occult podcasts recorded with Deeper Down the Rabbit hole.

First up Peter Grey and Alkistis Dimech talk about all things Scarlet Imprint from the process of talismanic publishing to the impact of the digital revolution on modern magic:

In the next episode Nichalaj De Mattos Frisvold discusses Quimbanda and Pomba Gira.

Dr Frisvold has an important essay on Ifa in our new title At the Crossroads. One of the more conventional approaches in the collection, as befits a tradition holder.  This title is available for pre-order here.

We also recommend following Nick's blog here:

He will return in a future podcast to discuss Palo Mayombe. (Our readers should be aware that the hardback of this title is becoming scarce.)

Although the sound quality with skype is always going to be an issue, if you lie down in a darkened room and clamp some cans over your ears then we'd say that you will get most out of them.

In further publishing news Carl Abrahamsson, who will be presenting at our Pleasure Dome event, has announced Fenris Wolf 5 available through his Edda publishing house. Peter Grey has an essay in the collection based on his presentation at the Save the Abbey of Thelema conference. We highly recommend Fenris Wolf as a contemporary journal of occulture. Worth picking up a copy before they inevitably sell out.

(Fenris Wolf 5 launches in the Atlantis Bookshop in London on the Thursday before our event and copies will also be on sale in Brighton.)

A Pleasure Dome gets ever closer, come and join us in Brighton on Saturday July 21 for a day and night of more than illusory splendours.
Get your tickets now.