Thursday, 27 February 2014

Testament of Cyprian the Mage Launch Parties

Dear Friends,

A reminder that we have two upcoming launch parties for Jake Stratton-Kent's Testament of Cyprian the Mage.

The first is this Saturday, March 1 2014 starting at 7pm at the world famous Atlantis Bookshop on Museum Street London. The wine will inevitably be flowing.
If you would like to attend, please send an rsvp to

We are delighted by the ongoing support that Atlantis have offered to Scarlet Imprint, and the  denizens of occult London and farther afield who choose to come and partake in the celebrations with us.   


If you have never attended a launch, please don't be shy, it is a relaxed atmosphere in which to socialise, and we are always welcoming to new faces. Please introduce yourselves to us.

A second launch party will occur on the eve before The Occult Conference in Glastonbury (#sefcon)
on Friday March 21 at Labyrinth Books, undoubtedly the best bookshop in the vale of Avalon.
Details of these and other events are on our website here:

Jake will of course be in attendance at both events signing books. 

These are a brace of books very much worth celebrating, making Jake Stratton Kent arguably the most important magician of his generation. He has rendered an incredible service to the spirits, our understanding of magical history and the future direction of our tradition. Goetia has been restored to the status that it deserves.

We look forward to seeing you at these events.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Bruxaria: A Manifesto of Apocalyptic Witchcraft - Portuguese translation

 A Manifesto of Apocalyptic Witchcraft - Portuguese translation

1      Se a terra está envenenada,  a bruxaria deve responder.

2      Não é o nosso modo de vida, mas a própria vida que está ameaçada.

3      A  bruxaria é a nossa ligação íntima à teia da vida.

4      Nós somos a bruxaria.

5      O nosso mundo mudou para sempre.
        Os caminhos percorridos não correspondem.
        A bruxaria singra neste reino limiar, lunar e sem trilhos.

6      Somos tempestade, fogo e sangue.

7      Não seremos negados.

8      A bruxaria é o recurso dos despoderados, dos famintos e dos abusados.

9      Se não tens preço, não poderás ser comprado.
        Se não queres,  não poderás ser subornado.
        Se não temes, não poderás ser controlado.

10    A bruxaria é magia popular, a magia das gentes para as gentes.

11    Chamamos o fim da pretensa respeitabilidade.

12     Não nos desarmaremos.

13     Estamos em Guerra.

14     Escolhe, então,  tornar-te uma Máscara.

15     Os sem nada a perder,  ousarão tudo.

16      Existe uma bruxaria, sob muitos nomes.
          Há um só sabat, numa só montanha.
          Há muitas maneiras de voar.
          Não há espectadores no sabat.
17     A bruxaria é uma força,  não uma ordem.
         A bruxaria é rizomática, não hierárquica.
         A bruxaria desafia a organização,  não o significado.
         Nós tão-somente estamos marcados

18     A bruxaria é poder,  tido no êxtase,  no sexo e na provação.

19     A bruxaria é a sexualidade selvagem.
         Na bruxaria é a mulher que inicia.
         Desafiamos o homem a ser um igual a esta mulher.

20      A bruxaria é a arte da intenção.

21      A bruxaria é a beleza, que é terror.

22      A bruxaria traz de trás o mito, e veste os símbolos do (seu) tempo.
          A bruxaria não confunde mito e história, dispõe deles para transformar o futuro.
          A bruxaria conhece o chão que pisa.

23      A bruxaria honra os espíritos.
          A bruxaria encanta os perdidos.
          A bruxaria não esquece.

24      A bruxaria incorpora os nossos antepassados e santos, e traz-nos com eles.

25      A Ela é oferecido o sangue,  a nós,  o cuidado da cinza e dos ossos.

26      O exemplo que seguimos é o nosso.

27      A prática da bruxaria é a da revolução e a do poder da mulher.

28      A deusa que fala através de nós,  é conhecida pelos homens como Babalon.

29      A bruxaria concerna o mistério.
          Pelos portões do mistério atingimos o conhecimento.
          O conhecimento entra-nos pelo corpo.
          A forma mais alta deste conhecimento é o Amor.

30      Cada gota de sangue é sacrificada ao graal.
          O Amor não pode ser comprado com nenhuma outra moeda.

31      Buscamos e bebemos este vinho juntos.

32      A vontade é finita, a paixão renovada infinitamente.

33      A bruxaria é presente, ensanguentada e vivificada.
          A bruxaria é presciente, olha para o futuro.
          A bruxaria é oracular, não perderá a sua língua.
          O nosso tempo chegou.

Translation credit: Violeta F.C

Delighted to see this appearing in other languages.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Testament of Cyprian the Mage: First pictures

These are the first pictures of the much anticipated Testament of Cyprian the Mage by Jake Stratton-Kent.

We had expected the books to arrive with us on Friday 14 but a powercut at our printer in Wales has delayed them. For those not in the UK, we have been experiencing climate chaos here, but all being well we now expect the books to arrive on Wednesday February 19.

We did however receive a box of ten sets of the books this morning and wanted to share some pictures with you all. We are very pleased with how they have turned out and are sure that you will be too.

It will be a busy week for us packing and sending out the pre-ordered copies so replies to emails may take a little longer than usual. We will send an email out to all our customers who are awaiting their copies to confirm that their books are on the way.

For those who are concerned, we can reassure you that Scarlet Imprint is safely above the floodwaters. 

Full details of the title can be found here:

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Cyprian the Mage update

A quick update on progress with The Testament of Cyprian the Mage by Jake Stratton-Kent. This week we received and approved the running sheets for the title. Two massive stacked slabs resplendent in red and black ink. Delighted with the printing and our continued partnership with our Welsh printer. This level of quality is yet another reason why we do not print in China. The detail is exquisite, and very necessary for elements such as the images from the fine pen of Oliver Liebeskind. As you would expect by now the paper is also exceptional. We will be approving the cover blocking and dustjacket presently.   

The book blocks have been sewn and the fine editions are now in preparation. We will keep you up to date with this and announce when we have a shipping date.

The standard edition on the other hand should be with us in the week commencing February 10. This has been a longer pre-order than usual for us, but is only ten days later than our projected shipping date of late January.

UPDATED: Printer suffered 24 hour power cut, expected books but not going to arrive with us now until Wednesday 19. Nothing we can do about this. Climate collapse is breaking the infrastructure. Apologies for the delay.

We are exceptionally pleased with this brace of books and are sure that you will be too. Pictures will of course follow.

Having dealt with the physical nature of the book we note that this has been a massive project for us. The books have taken six months of almost continuous work for us at Scarlet Imprint, which is a huge commitment of time and energy. This concludes the three volume Encyclopaedia Goetica cycle which began with The True Grimoire.

What needs to be stressed is that Jake Stratton-Kent has done something truly remarkable with these books. As an independent scholar and practitioner he has reframed our entire understanding of the Western Magical Tradition, placing the most maligned and misunderstood aspect of it - the grimoires - into a context that reveals them not as late aberrations but as the single continuous thread of tradition that we possess. This understanding will have profound implications for the understanding and practice of goetia, magic and witchcraft from this point onwards. He has also emphasised the importance of the dead in a living tradition, the necessity of a spirit focussed approach,  and championed the New World traditions not as cultures to be pillaged but as exemplars of living practice from which we can learn how to rebuild our own.

We offer our public gratitude to Jake for all that he has acheived, often in difficult circumstances. He also concludes these works with a challenge to those who read his works to pursue the many avenues that he has opened. This may be a Testament, but the Work continues.

While you are waiting for your books we would also like to share this interview between Jake and Gordon of the thought provoking runesoup website to listen to at your leisure.

Launch parties for The Testament of Cyprian the Mage are confirmed and we would be delighted for you to join us either at Atlantis Bookshop in London on March 1 or Labyrinth Books in Glastonbury on Friday March 21. Full details on our events page here: