Friday, 4 April 2014

Occulture event announced: Here to Go II

Scarlet Imprint will be speaking and performing at the Here to Go II conference in Trondheim Norway on Friday May 30 and Saturday May 31 as part of the Meta.morf  Biennale for Art and Technology.

Here To Go: Art, Counter-Culture and the Esoteric is an ongoing symposium and book series focusing on what has generally come to be known as «occulture», and contemporary artistic endeavors within the cultic milieu. The symposium presents internationally recognized scholars and artists from various artistic, adademic and esoteric backgrounds to shed new light on this often overlooked and misunderstood anti-movement.

On the Friday eve Alkistis Dimech will be giving a Butoh performance entitled Volant evoking the figure(s) of the ecstatic-demoniac-witch, the ‘woman in flight’. This piece will be accompanied by industrial music pioneer Z'EV.

Full line up for the evening event:


On the Saturday both Alkistis Dimech and Peter Grey will be giving presentations:

The Sabbatic Dance: Butoh’s interior landscape and the terrain of Witchcraft
Butoh is explicitly concerned with the body of flesh (nikutai) as the limen through which an interior realm is brought forth and revealed. This act of poïesis by the carnal body is analogous to the orgiastic dance of the witches, the core ritual expression in the mythos of the medieval sabbat. This talk will explore the common topography of Butoh and witchcraft as Alkistis has charted it in her magical and artistic praxis.

Secrecy and Revelation: A new vision of talismanic books
The book can function as an empowered magical object, but what is the process and purpose of creating such artifacts in a disenchanted culture?
Peter Grey lays out not a history, but a new vision of the talismanic book in a world obsessed with ideas of authenticity but bereft of meaning.

The full line-up for the day:

10:00 – Martin Palmer: HTG2014 Opening Remarks
10:15 – Carl Abrahamsson: Paul Bowles: Expat magic
10:45 – Vicki Bennett: ‘We Edit Life’ – a journey through cut and paste collage creations by audio-visual artist Vicki Bennett (aka People Like Us)
11:30 – Break
11:45 – Z’EV: The 3-Fold Ear and the Energies of Enthusiasm
12:30 – Alkistis Dimech: The Sabbatic Dance: Butoh’s interior landscape and the terrain of Witchcraft
13:00 – Lunch and book launch
14:00 – Peter Grey: Secrecy and Revelation: A New Vision of Talismanic Books
14:30 – Angela Edwards: Taking Fine Art into the Esoteric Context in Action
15:00 – Break
15:15 – Jesper Aagaard Petersen: Operatiaon Mindfuck, Viking Edition: How Fear of the Satanic and Cartoon Exoticism Fueled the Prank of the Century
16:00 – Martin Palmer: HTG2014 Closing Remarks / Q&A

We would like to publically thank Carl Abrahamsson and Martin Palmer for making this happen.

We are very much looking forward to this event and our first visit to Norway.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Testament of Cyprian the Mage fine bound edition

First pictures of the fine bound edition of The Testament of Cyprian the Mage by Jake Stratton-Kent. We are delighted with the binding, a quarter vellum with double marble boards, slipcased and ribboned.

This luxurious edition is designed to complete the set of vellum bindings that comprise the Encyclopaedia Goetica series.

This is of course complimented by the standard hardback starry heaven edition and the soon to be released Bibliotheque Rouge paperback and digital editions (approx two to three weeks).

Full details of this important release can be seen here:

All pre-ordered copies will be sent this week.

Our congratulations to Jake Stratton-Kent on his acheivement and thanks to our readers for their ongoing support of our work at Scarlet Imprint.